Reiki Can Help Out-of-Balance Chakras

Chakras are part of our fundamental nature and when they are blocked, we feel it. We must open them to feel better and back in balance. Life is full of stressors and they take their toll on our very being.

The body and mind naturally seek to regain harmony after periods of trial and tribulation. Physical ailments are a clue that we are off tract. We may feel poorly and experience aches and pains. Certain areas of the body can become affected. They are our weak points. Often they correlate with the main energy centers or chakras.

You don’t need to have a physical trauma such as an accident to feel out of sorts. Many like to call this “dis-ease.”  It can be a mental phenomenon. Healing the body is tricky and you need to use proven methods for best results.  Let your body tell you what is wrong and you will know how to proceed.

If you are aware of your chakra system, you will know how to restore your energy and vitality. Certain chakras can be the locus of digestive issues or neck pain. Emotional issues are often the cause. Reiki, a spiritual practice of note is one of the best resources when it comes to rebalancing the chakras.

Reiki is a powerful Japanese discipline or type of alternative medicine from the early 20th century that is known to clean the chakras to restore one’s life source.



How Reiki works


A qualified practitioner, well-versed in the practice of Reiki, is essential. In addition to therapeutic touch, he or she may include a specific diet, the use of essential oils, pursuing Kundalini Yoga, or adding meditation to the mix.

The Root Chakra is in the lower body, or the genital area. It is the fundamental or first chakra that connects every human to the earth. As such it is associated with survival and familial identity. An imbalance may create fears about one’s safety or the financial solvency of the family.

Reiki addresses a blockage in the first chakra arising from a traumatic life change or event. One’s family is likely to be affected. An imbalance is manifested in lower back pain, immune problems, addiction, digestive malfunctions (like diarrhea or constipation), impotence, and assorted ailments of the legs and feet.

After treatment, the afflicted person will gain relief and start to feel more grounded and less fearful. Reiki works well on one-time or chronic problems.

The Sacral Chakra is below the navel and as you might assume, it deals with gender and sexual potency. Power, money, procreation, and creativity are by no means peripheral issues for this second chakra. Sexual abuse can trigger maximal symptoms. Human emotions are fundamental and any imbalance in this region can bring on problems in the lower back and hips. Women who are out of balance find new female problems and discomfort. Both sexes experience relationship disfunction on the negative side and a lack of control.

Issues with the Sacral Chakra are serious indeed. Since it is linked with creativity, our work and ideation may be seriously impaired. An energy block in this region can be stifling and result in suppressed emotions. If they come to the surface during Reiki treatment, anger can ensue as a therapeutic catharsis.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is above the navel, thought to be our power center. It is the sourced of human self-respect and the instinct for self-protection. An imbalance will make one feel disconnected and powerless with misdirected energies. To get rid of a possible whirling sensation, the Reiki practitioner can focus on blocked emotions. If not treated, the lack of balance of this third chakra can result in eating disorders, liver problems, ulcers, diabetes, or indigestion. Fatigue is a common symptom and a lack of self-confidence that hinders the afflicted from taking the power they are offered. Perhaps the reason is intimidation and a lack of self-esteem.

The Heart Chakra is the fourth and as clearly indicated by its name, it is located in the chest. It allows us to access our higher self and the divine. An imbalance will manifest in a lack of self-love emotionally or on the physical level some type of heart ailment. If ignored, the imbalance can result in a heart attack, lung or breast cancer, or lung disease.

The consequences go on and on. Emotions can be triggered that result in loneliness, a lack of compassion and severe depression. You may feel hopeless and unlucky in love. Reiki can restore balance to the fourth chakra by clearing blockages.

The Throat Chakra is important in allowing a person to speak his or her truth. Everyone has the gift of creativity and communication if it is allowed to foster. It is part and parcel of our will to live. An imbalance may affect the throat or the thyroid. Swollen glands are an early tip off of emotions gone awry. A person with impairment to the fourth chakra feels rejected and may resort to addiction for relief. Reiki can be effective in clearing this area so we can express our nature and become fulfilled.

The sixth chakra is called the Third Eye, perhaps because it is found between the eyebrows. We are able to see beyond the physical realm with intuition and clairvoyance. Psychic have a fully-developed third eye. An imbalance shows in neurological problems and possibly serious issues like stroke and seizures.

Reiki comes into play to help restore our insights. As it unblocks the chakra, the afflicted can find new access to their inner powers.

The Crown Chakra comes last but not least. It is as indicated by the name at the top center of the cranium. It connects us to the spirit world and the universe as a whole. If it is out of balance, we can no longer receive guidance from a higher power, resulting in depression and fatigue. We feel out of sorts until we seek a resolution. Reiki is the answer to the resulting anxiety from a lack of connection with the divine.

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