Our Sacred Space

We carefully select an office or home. We decorate it to make it unique. Our space is sacred, and we know how much it can impact our well-being. Some practice Feng Shui, sage smudging, placement of crystals, or other principles to ensure that it is cleansed and ready to occupy. At the very least, burning a candle is a great way to spiritualize a space.

There are times to stay put and others to make a change. Something may happen to alter the atmosphere. Something is off and no longer “right.” Maybe a loved one left or you lost a pet. It can be fixed in many cases, but it may be time to say goodbye. It is so important to feel at home in your space and to experience a good connection. Find what works for you. We have some ideas.



Feel the vibes


When you first enter a space, you can feel its energy. Instinctively, you know you have arrived. If the space no longer sends you this comforting message, you can learn to alter it to your satisfaction. Even little adjustments can make a difference: moving the furniture, opening the windows, shifting the décor, or using essential oil scents.

You pick up on an existing vibe in a space and start to adapt and enter its special sphere. What you add and subtract in the way of objects and clutter will change your life for the better. Remember that a chaotic environment can create emotional blocks and prevent the free flow of energy.


Your personal style


Part of what makes a space sacred is the way it reflects the occupant’s personal style. Some of us don’t have one; we can’t imagine a full-scale style treatment. We just want a place for our “stuff” and comfortable and welcoming rooms. If you want to get fancy and go French country, Mediterranean, or post-modern, so be it. You have a style!

How you transform your space depends on your creativity and confidence. Do you like to display your artwork? Do you enjoy a hobby to share such as woodworking, ceramics, or glass? You might see this as a way to communicate who you are and to welcome others.


A better life


Home is where you dream of a better life and work toward achieving your goals. It is the spatial foundation of action. If you organize it, you are in effect arranging your life. If you let it go, chances are that things are in disarray for you at present.

Making over your home or office is fun and exciting; it bodes well for new beginnings. It is an effective way to start over and redirect your energies. If your life is in chaos amid the hustle and bustle of the city, a serene space will quiet your nerves and relax your spirit.

Getting good sleep is the responsibility of your sacred space. Some people use pastel colors, rich textures, and plant life to create a mood. Having a place to read, listen to music, and just chill out is vital. A place to entertain will ensure a richer social life.

A space conducive to a relationship is not to be overlooked. Whether you are married, have children, or welcome guests, your home is where you socialize. It should be a catalyst for love and friendship. The colors that predominate it will make others feel welcome or rejected. A pleasing environment will bring harmony to your life.


Health and wealth


Everyone wants these good things and having the right space will help bring them about. No kidding. People are more productive and make more money if they feel secure and comfortable. The less the clutter, the more business can be conducted. Get rid of junk and make room for your expanding creativity.

A clean, well-lit space is sure to engender good health. Window vistas echo the clarity of your mind. Bad energy in a space drains the body of its natural state of health. Have a look around. What do you see? Something that needs to go? Where you sit, work, and sleep matters to your physical functioning. How can you make decisions amid a mess?

Experts call it wellness—that feeling you get in your sacred space. It happens when your mind and body are in balance and you are connecting to yourself and the world every day. Think of how you focus on your breath in meditation or yoga. Sit in your space and feel the power.


Time for change


Do you relish a fresh start? If you feel stagnant and dull, it may be the space that is at fault. In a period of transition, staying put may not be wise. If you find you cannot move ahead and take risks, it may be the space that is holding you back. Your imagination may be stifled in the wrong abode.

It is important that your space support your purpose. If it is not functioning as it should, consider a move, or at the least a redo of the basic design. New upholstery, different window coverings, a nice area rug—these can create magic on a budget. The point is to recognize the power of a space and how to harness its energy for your betterment.

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