Mantras for Self-affirmation

Loving yourself is wise advice; if you have never experienced it before, listen up. Your self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth are at stake. Even if you are not a loner, talking to yourself through affirmations and mantras can boost your spirit and bring you success.

Many people have a running internal dialogue full of negative thoughts. “I am not good at this; I can’t do that, etc.” They tend to dwell on failures in school, at work, or socially. Such negative self-talk is destructive and prevents you from achieving your life goals. You can stop the tape and replace it with something new and uplifting. It is about getting over adversity and moving on. You may have broken up with a loved one, failed an exam, lost a job, or missed making the team. Whatever has happened is over and it is time to rebuild.



Get a mantra


You don’t have to be a Hindu or Buddhist to have a mantra. It is just a simple, but powerful, phrase that you repeat to yourself frequently enough to change your mood and outlook. It is akin to meditation or prayer, but it is more spiritual than purely religious. When transcendental meditation came to the US in the mid-20th century, it spread like wild fire. People needed to tap into their spiritual side. A mantra was given to you and meant to be kept secret. It could be a Hindu word, sure, but nowadays people often say to themselves things like, “you can do it…” It is part of the process of opening the self.


Practice meditation


Your mantra may or may not be part of meditation, as it is a fundamental part of destressing therapy. It can also be part of certain types of yoga. It is powerful when recited in a group. You feed off others’ good vibes. Proponents of relaxation through a mantra say to use any meditation you like as long as you are committed and consistent. I personally love getting into the zone with my Hindu word and then resorting to some self-affirmations when I am in a relaxed and receptive state.

Some of these affirmations are quite simple and obvious, and they work.


I am powerful

I am worthy

I am loved

I am beautiful

I am spirit

I am unique

I am God’s creature

I chose a good and valuable life

I want only positive thoughts

I am happy for others

I expect joy

I am strong

I am growing and moving forward

Life is full of surprises, good and bad

I accept life as it is

I can make decisions with confidence

I embrace my destiny

There is a reason for everything


It is not unlikely that your mantra will change over time as your needs evolve. I suggest waiting at least a week of one affirmation to see results. Changing one’s perspective on the world takes time and effort. If you have more than one issue at hand, you can alternate mantras as well. The goal, among any others, is to learn to love and accept yourself.


A note on self-love


No one should go through life unloved and that includes by oneself. Affirmations designed to generate this love abound. There is a long tradition of them as reflected in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see in the word.” He stands as a great mentor to us all with his personal philosophy of life. Let a self-loving mantra be a dominant part of your life. There are ample books and articles on the subject.

Meditations for the self in a general sense are available on videos and CDs so you have step-by-step guidance to direct the process. Most meditation sessions last for at least twenty minutes and are regularly done twice a day. Make self-affirmation your next goal and find those words that speak to you with power. Anyone experiencing great change in life or some kind of obstacle or uncertainly needs to learn to talk to the self. You are the director of your own play. You are the captain of the ship and the architect of your individual building. Use any cliché you like to absorb this point.

Mantras have come to me from many places. Something I read, another person, an idea that pops into my head, a song, poem, or other source. Old adages or sayings are fine, or excerpts from proverbs and prayers. You may want to group them so that those about self-love stand apart to be used when you feel unloved and down.

The moral of the story is to accept the necessity of self-love as a regenerating force in your life and the necessary engine that drives the car of your destiny. Make affirmations the center of your meditation and internal dialogues. You will soon unleash the joy and self-worth from within.

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