Magnifying your crystal visions.

Asking strangers for directions. How does that make you feel? Actually that’s not even the hardest part. (Yes I know smartphones exist, but let’s pretend your battery is at 1%.) Remembering and understanding the directions is the hardest part. “Oh you just simply turn left from there, then go straight until you notice a big red sign and then turn right.”

Except… there are at least 4 roads to choose from after turning left and 17 big red signs. And by that time you have already forgotten the directions and you wished you paid more attention instead of smilingly nodding along.

The visions you encounter during your visit to the crystal’s heart, the conversations you have… It’s easy to get lost trying to decipher everything that’s going on. You’re seeing pictures and places. But what do they all mean? It also doesn’t get easier when you’re a seasoned veteran.

Now imagine if they just walk with you wherever you need to go. Sounds like a dream.

And in our case, Clear Quartz is the friendly tour guide. Instead of puzzling over visions, imagine you see a workplace related scene. And you kind of sense it’s about the raise you’re after, but you’re not entirely sure. Clear Quartz magnifies other crystals, so your vision gets more specific. You start seeing specific steps you need to take to manifest your goals.


Clear Quartz

I can’t tell you how these visions are exactly going to look like, because I’m not you. Think of it as a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, where directions are drawn out with a bold red marker, telling you exactly where to go - instead of there just being pictures of the Golden Gate bridge or the Grand Canyon making you wonder what they have to do with anything.

Clear Quartz magnifies your experience in your crystals sanctuary. It’s a power stone that directs and amplifies the energy of other crystals and is beneficial for storing and retrieving information. It’s also closely associated with the third eye chakra (Remember how I asked you to put your crystal on your third eye?) as well as the crown and higher chakras.

Let it be your tour guide that’s always there to help you draw specific steps to conquer the world.

Talk soon,


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