Healing Your Chakra in all its forms

Before heading towards Chakra Healing, we must know what exactly these seven Chakras are. Why do they need to be healed? How do they influence our life?

Chakras are the sources of energy in our life. They reside in our subtle body and influence the various aspects of our life. The weakness in any of these Chakras can deliberately destroy your reality. The balanced seven Chakras create an optimal energy and make your life superlative.



See how these seven Chakras influence your life:


  • The Muladhara or Root Chakra affects your career.

  • The Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra affects your desires and influences your sexuality and sensuality.

  • The Manipura Chakra controls your self-esteem and dignity.

  • The Anahata or Heart Chakra has an influence over your relationships.

  • The Throat or Vishuddha Chakra has an influence over your self-expression.

  • The Ajna Chakra influences your power of intuition and imagination.

  • The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra influences your connectivity to higher power and this Universe.


Problems Created by Imbalanced Chakras


  • A strong first Chakra leads to an extremely great career and you will be earning enough money to spare it for no particular reason. If it’s weak, you will be experiencing degradation in your career.

  • With a strong second Chakra, your sexual relationships will be full of love and charm. You will feel long-lasting and highly pleasurable love making. If it’s weak, then you will lose that fire in the intimacy and it will leave behind pain and guilt.

  • A Strong third Chakra will give you confidence and a great self-esteem and you will receive admiration for your actions. A weak third Chakra may lead you to struggle with self-esteem and give you feelings of being unworthy.

  • A strong fourth Chakra will make you feel loving and compassionate about your relationships while a weak or closed one will lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety in your relationships.

  • With a strong fifth Chakra, you will be able to express yourself well using your thoughts, ideas, and emotions, but with a weak fifth Chakra you will struggle with expression and self-love.

  • If your sixth Chakra is strong then you will be experiencing strong and accurate intuitions and will be making good decisions about the future. But a weak sixth Chakra may cause you to make poor decisions and act impulsively.

  • A strong seventh Chakra will make you feel the higher power and a good universal consciousness but the weak one will keep you from the knowledge and you will be stuck in your attachments.


Healing the Imbalance in these Chakras and making them function properly


No matter how conscious you are about your Chakras, the problems may still arise in your Chakras from the moment you were born in this world. As you grow, you start accumulating more problems with your Chakras because of the negative emotions that you let evolve around you.

Are these Chakras leading you to the negative aspects of the life? Are you losing your identities with the problems in your Chakras? You can go with the following techniques to balance your chakras:


Chakra Healing with Reiki


Reiki is meant to heal the different aspects of one’s life. Here Reiki masters work with drawing their personal energy diagrams and work with the energy blocks to heal them. In Reiki, masters will help you to cleanse and balance your Chakras and you will receive the required balance. A process of attunement is carried out in Reiki in which the master passes the ability of energy channeling to their students. It is a spiritual practice that harnesses the healing effects of energy.


Chakra Healing with Acupuncture


Acupuncture is an insurable medical practice that recognizes the seven Chakras as the main energy channels of our body. Acupuncture has its origination in China and is the oldest yet most common technique used for the healing Chakras. It is a technique that is mainly used for pain relief. In Acupuncture, the various points related to the Chakra to be healed are stimulated and the blocked or imbalanced energy channels are vitalized and opened.


Chakra Healing with Tai Chi


The little natural movement of Tai Chi can help you clear your energy channels and balance Chakras. It requires a comfortable place and just 15-20 minutes to devote. With the movements of Tai Chi, you will learn the meditation to reduce stress, increase your body's flexibility, and develop a better balance in your Chakras. If you are familiar with Tai Chi techniques then you must practice them for the proper functioning of your Chakras. You will acquire a great physical and mental strength with Tai Chi. If you are a beginner then you must seek out professional guidance as performing wrong or incorrect Qi movements can lead to further blocked energy.


Chakra healing with Qi Gong


Qi Gong is the Mandarin Chinese term that means cultivation of energy and it represents the Chakra system. It states the Qi energy of the various energy channels as the meridians. It is based on the fact that everything in this world is composed of an energy which they call Qi. In this technique, it is believed that the blockages of the energy channels lead to the illness and it is cured by practicing various Qi Gong techniques. It consists of various postures, meditation, exercises, breathing techniques and various other techniques that opens and vitalizes the energy flow inside the body. Qi Chi masters have researched for thousand years to give rise to these techniques to harness the energy for spiritual, mental and physical growth.

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  • Leanne Robertson

    Thank you for this blog! Everything on here I have experienced or done.. I was put on narcotics for over 5 years, waiting for approval to get my hips done. Unfortunately, I became hooked on all the meds. I had my AH HA moment when I was watching a documentary on Chinese Medicine!

    I remember injuring my back over seas and one of the locals took me to a small little hut out in the middle of town. You’d think, “OMG! What kind of Voodoo Crap have I gotten myself into!” Next thing, I was on this table, something you’d serve your meals on and this little old man with a tin of needles started in. I figured, “I’ve had all my shots, I’m good!” After 30 minutes, I was good to go!

    I immediately made an appointment after seeing this documentary! SIX SESSIONS of acupuncture and the 8 months of Tai Chi, breathing Tech/meditation/Reiki, I was back to my old self and OFF ALL NARCOTIC’S without having to pay $$$ and go to some rehab unit! I Feng Shui my home. (I wish I could send pictures) Been 4 years! I EVEN QUIT SMOKING!

    Currently, I’ve undergone a major Cancer Surgery. They got it all but, now I have a 2 foot scar down the middle of my abdomen. Still doing my yoga, meditation, ect! Even before the surgery. I feel it was the reason I left the hospital taking nothing but Tylenol and using heat/ice on my surgical site. My Oncologist is STILL SHAKING HIS HEAD! (1st year check up is May 11, 2018)

    I believe when you’re inner self is balanced and you have a good mind set along with positive energies in your home, It makes a BIG difference! Don’t forget to place crystals in certain areas of your home and wear them as well. I have over 8 different Malas for each Chakra. I wear whatever one sends out the energy for what’s needed.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! I tried everything people. Spiritual Healing, Breathing, Crystals, and getting rid of Negativity was the only thing that’s help me.


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