Healing Crystals for Happiness

Crystals are often used to clean a space, change one’s mood and cure simple ailments. As such they promote health and well-being. It should be known that they promote general happiness and good spirits. You need not have a mental or physical (or spiritual) blockage to warrant their use in your life.

With a simple placement in your surroundings or on your body, you can connect to the earth’s energy, leaving you happy as a clam. Crystals and stones provide balance and relaxation as a major side benefit. We suggest ten special ones with individual properties that will be sure to make a difference in your life. The result of their combination will be enormous.





We start with the master of them all as it is the perfect bridge between heaven and earth. It was used in ancient times by wise men who knew it as a good luck charm. With healing as a goal, they used it often to combat sickness and malaise. Nowadays, it is a wonderful gift that expresses the giver’s hope for divine love and happiness. It is also known as the communication stone that encourage one to speak the truth. No matter the purpose, it is a beautiful element often worn in the form of jewelry.




You can also wear bloodstone as was practiced in ancient times when amulets were highly valued for their innate power. This crystal is a purification tool that enhances the flow of blood in the body and releases energy. It connects to the life force to make the user healthy and strong. Happiness is the ultimate result of this energizer. Those who feel lazy and listless need to counteract their mood with bloodstone. It removes negative thoughts and self-doubt while it boosts personal enthusiasm and motivates one to move forward in life.


Smoky quartz


If you are anxious and bound up, acquire some smoky quartz crystals to shield you from the negative energy that brings you down. In short, smoky quartz will help you let go of the past—forgetting bad incidents and outmoded belief systems. It is the perfect way to unblock the energy contained within. Old energy is revitalized to fill you with new hope and expanding happiness.


Rose quartz


We all want to feel good and a major part of it is love, the root of happiness. Finding unconditional love is the best way to release your heart energy. Not only does rose quartz allow love to enter your sphere, but it prompts forgiveness in bad relationships. True love is around the corner for those who value its qualities. In addition, the crystal enhances self-love, nurturing and compassion for others. It is a colorful road to happiness with a pleasant detour or two on the way to the self-improvement destination.




This beautiful vibrant orange element is a favorite of the ancients for attracting good fortune and fulfilling one’s deep desires. It has many positive effects including unblocking creative energy inside. When you feel burned out or uninspired, carnelian can come to the rescue and open your mind. As such, it is an “action stone” that stimulates passion and drive to achieve life goals. You feel newly motivated, confident and, of course, sublimely happy.




Your brain is foggy and you want to clear your mind. You must turn to quartz crystal, made of silica, a prime element on earth. In fact, silica is in the human body in our basic cellular structure. No wonder it is so powerful to the touch. It is known to heal and provide optimal health, therefore instilling profound happiness. It was used in ancient times to balance the body by banishing negative energy. When your vibration rises, you are aligned with the universe and can see with renewed clarity.




Stress is the plague of modern existence and there are many remedies. Add celestite to them and you are sure to feel more relaxed. The name of the stone is from the Latin for “celestial” and it is certainly appropriate. When you look at this crystal, you immediately feel peace within. Placing it in your bedroom, for example, will help you awake with a happy smile and feel harmonious and energetic. You will get better rest at night given its ability to promote tranquility. It is one of the best muscle relaxants in the world when placed on the affected area.




This wonderful bright crystal is a purveyor of happiness in a different way. It uses the emission of light to promote positive energy. It is a symbol of the importance of living life fully in the present so that each moment counts. Anything can happen when it is at your side. Citrine encourages one to dream big and enjoy a calm and balances state of mind. You will attract the best things in your midst.




Many of us feel a lack of confidence and need some help in removing self-doubt. Aventurine is the best crystal to open the energy of the body, particularly the heart, to allow for new experiences and opportunities. More self-worth is down the road if you use this delightful stone. You will feel happy and optimistic, enjoying the infinite abundance of the world and its rich offerings.




It is claimed that shungite originates in Russia millions of years ago. As such, it is a very ancient crystal with enormous power. It is said to be a “magic mineral” by those believing in its ability to shield one against electrical magnetic energy (EMF), something we want to avoid to feel happy and healthy inside. It works by absorbing negative energy and the pollution in your midst. It can operate as a personal shield by placing it anywhere you work or sleep. Wear it for maximum effectiveness.

There you have it: ten potent crystals that can change the direction of your life, filling you with happiness to the core. Let them help you reverse any negativity and stress by placing them strategically in your environment.

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