Have you had a Past Life?

This is a heavy question, but imagine that the answer is “yes.” Many religions find it entirely credible, and modern man desperately wants to believe it as well. This may be the stuff of spiritual fantasy, but there are known signs. If you pay attention to these signals, you may well discover a domain beyond the physical world in which spirits of past lives dwell. Sometimes they come to you in dreams and visions. They are sending a message in disguise. You can only hope that they are positive and uplifting.



Are you haunted?


One of these alleged signs of a past life is the condition of being haunted. If the same images recur, especially traumatic ones, it may indicate a need to purge them from your soul. Thus, you should pay attention to nightmares as much as pleasant dreams. 

A residual effect of such haunting is the fear of certain insects and animals, especially reptiles. Fear is a natural emotion that helps us avoid danger. It is part of our survival instinct. If you encountered certain beings in a past life that threatened you, they may reappear now as a reminder of potential harm. For some reason, spiders evoke tremendous dread in many of us. If you are not prone to these common fears, you might alternatively suffer from irrational phobias.

You may be afraid of heights, water, birds, certain colors, or seemingly innocuous things that haunt you. They are thought to be a residue of experiences in the past that need to be overcome to be released from their grasp.  It is often believed that a past life fatal drowning can make a person afraid of water in the present.


Cultural Connections


Another indication of a past life, one in another country, is an affinity for another culture in the present. If you live in the United States and feel strangely connected to India, you might have lived there at one time in some form. Hopefully you were a member of a high caste, or even a sacred cow. There is no rule about how long ago a past life occurred, so pay attention to any associations you may have with an ancient culture. Certainly a manifestation of this “sign” is a love of travel and foreign languages. Another could be the desire to wear foreign attire and attend cultural events.


Your passions will give you away


Akin to an obsession with other cultures is the development of particular passions for certain things of this world. If your hobbies revolve around the arts, you might have had aesthetic talent in a past life. Maybe you plied a trade as an artisan. At this point, the possibility of reincarnation arises. Someone who was a leader or a priest might seek a similar path in a future life. It is a rather exciting proposition.


Unusual Behavior


Getting back to signs of a past life, unusual behavior may be a tipoff. Here we have to be careful to distinguish odd actions from normal, expected reactions to things. If your proclivities are sudden and strong, and they border on obsessions and compulsions, there has to be something in your genetic makeup that is causing these habits. This may be considered as the dark side of having a past life. Somehow aspects of a former time reappear in a new form, and it is out of sync with your normal behavior. Are you a hoarder? Are you a compulsive hand washer? Are you marginalized from society? Maybe there is just an ordinary psychological explanation; but on the other hand, it could be something else.


Sensations and Feelings


Odd behavior can come from strange sensations and feelings that seem to pop up from nowhere. You don’t immediately think to yourself “my past life.” But it is entirely possible that aches, pains, and other physical quirks are left over from another realm. Maybe you suffered from a terrible sickness at one time and now are a diehard hypochondriac. It is not entirely impossible. One story evokes reincarnation in relationship to a particular pain. A man claimed he had pain in his shoulder and tests revealed no medical cause. He dreamt about being shot in this location, and no amount of therapy helped the pain abate. A spiritual counselor finally came up with a solution: he had been shot in a past life and the pain is evidence of reincarnation. Some people with similar tales have real scars to prove it.


So, what about you?


Given these common-sense explanations, you can now decide if you have had a past life and are, in fact, reincarnated. There is no way to know if you were human or animal, or even a plant. Watch for signs in your dreams and visions to see if you can find out. Society and modern medicine may reject your conclusions, but it is only for you to make the best use of your newfound discovery.

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