Forget the rules surrounding crystals. Try this instead.

There are at least a hundred and six rules when it comes to crystals. You have to cleanse them, you have to charge them, you have to use specific crystals for specific things…

Except, that’s limiting your experience from the full pristine, pure energy crystals offer. And you don’t want be left out.

All crystals are better at some things than others - Amethyst is the “jack of all trades” stone, Citrine is the best stone to use for attracting abundance & luck, and Clear Quartz is the all-hailed Master Healer.

The “rules” as to which crystal should be used for which purpose can hinder, rather than expand, your potential with crystals.

Maybe Citrine works the best for you in other ways than making you a smooth-talking businessman, same with Turquoise or Amethyst.

So, how can you discover and harness the energy your crystals actually hold? It’s easy and exciting.

Here’s what you can do:

While alone, lay down on your bed. Place your chosen crystal on your Third Eye Chakra and close your eyes. It’s located between your eyebrows (unless your crystal is huge; in that case, feel free to hold it there).

Now, close your eyes.

Imagine you’re standing in front of a cave. You can’t tell what’s inside, because it’s too dark. Imagine you’re holding the crystal, and then slowly start walking inside, one step at a time.

Are you starting to see anything? Is the cave slowly turning into the color of your crystal? Do you see anyone? Do you feel like you’re suddenly teleported into an ancient forest with creaking branches instead?

Or you’re alone in an absolute quiet unknown field? Wander around until you notice a door. Open it. Now is the time to pay attention, because I can’t guide you anymore.

Make yourself familiar with the new environment. Everything you see and experience is a reflection of your crystal spirit. It’s a sanctuary. Let the heart of the crystal guide you now.

See what your crystal is trying to tell you. Start forming a relationship. Feel the sensation. Ask questions. Pay attention. Take as much time as you need. Trust the process and try to understand what your crystal is trying to tell you.

Spend as much time as you need. And when you’re done, thank your crystal. You’ll learn something new about your crystal and can finally experience the full pristine, pure energy it offers.

Speaking from experience, it can be a really overwhelming experience. At first you’ll probably think it’s just your imagination, and it probably is if you’re forcing too much.

But you’ll soon realize there’s more to it than meets the eye and you’ll start connecting the dots with the information you receive.

Take care,

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