Every Life Event has a Crystal

There is never a time in your life when you cannot avail yourself of the benefit of crystals. In fact, in key moments, nothing is as effective for some people—not Tarot cards, astrology, palm reading nor a crystal ball. Sometimes human advice isn’t warranted; you need the special messages that only crystals can bring. For eons, they have become loaded with inherent meaning such that they quickly convey what cannot be stated in words alone. Their good vibes are irreplaceable and the stuff of legends and tales.

No wonder people carry them everywhere they go, keep them in their homes, and display them at work. They give them as gifts and get them in return. They are a fundamental part of life—and especially relevant when things start to change. What are some of the important transitions that require their presence?



Common Life Transitions


  • Ill health: for sickness and any physical debility, shungite is the choice of experts. They attest to its value in rebalancing the body and neutralizing any negative elements in your system. It short, it has detoxifying properties, serving often as an alternative form of healing. It may even function as a preventative in some cases.
  • Anxiety: as a concomitant of depression, anxiety is an insidious state of mind. When calming drugs are not the answer, you can turn to tourmaline. Perhaps you would like to wear a pendant or ring featuring this semi-precious gemstone. It won’t break the bank and will look beautiful as it does its job.
  • A new baby: now this is a very special occasion indeed and crystals have a role in the celebration of new life. Placed in a baby’s room, selenite can bring peace and calm to the newborn. Its high vibrations are said to emit an invisible light. Those highly sensitive, such as an infant, can feel the energy that surrounds them. Any size crystal will work wonders on the pure of heart.
  • A new job: this is always a major life event, and one that can be stressful to the psyche. Changing careers in mid life is particularly a vulnerable experience, but it can be assuaged with green aventurine. This crystal is known to refocus the mind and promote creativity and clear thinking. It will help you cope with your new lease on life. To maximize your full potential at work, place it near your body.
  • Work blues: anyone can get burned out or “get the blues” from too much routine at work. You crave spicing things up when you are stuck in a rut. Amethyst (for the “third eye” or your sixth sense) can come to the rescue and get you back on a more creative track. This crystal by nature helps you connect with the divine and therefore your inner soul. In its presence, you will relax and imagine a better work life with more purpose.
  • Relocation: moving is difficult, especially if you have resided in a specific place for a long time. Now you are facing a new town and a new home. Things will be unfamiliar and unsettling. You can call on tiger’s eye to help you adapt. As an earth stone working on your root chakra, this crystal will keep you grounded and safe.
  • The need to take a risk: somethings gotta give as they say, and it may be time for you to risk some real change in your life. It is similar to being stuck in a rut at work, but it may involve a relationship or current state of mind this time. Crazy lace agate is the ideal choice to solve your problem. Its psychedelic patterns are visually stimulating and will bring new adventure to your life.

There you have it. Some of the common milestones in the average life and the recommended crystals to place in your midst. Their magic is notorious so let them help you adapt and change.

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