Dreams Come in Colors

Dreaming is universal, but interpretations vary with different cultures. There are established symbols in the East and West that help us decipher what is lurking in the subconscious, waiting to be let out. Looking at the color of your dreams is a new twist on tradition. Technicolor dreams are loaded with implicit meanings. I hope you are not limited to black and white!

In modern times, the basic colors of the prism have acquired specific associations over time. If you compile the lore, you will see something like the following analysis. Let’s go color by color through the spectrum.





This hot, fiery color is a favorite of outgoing types and they wear it well. When their dreams show a predominance of red, these people may be trying to release raw energy pent up within. They may be undergoing a passionate time in their lives, which has pumped them up to high octane action. Sometimes red indicates impulsiveness, the negative side of passion. Disaster could be waiting in the wings, so further dreams will reveal the truth.

Red is the color of power, courage, aggression, and confidence. Dreams in red are seldom harbingers of failure. Context for all the colors in question should be carefully evaluated. They all have deep emotional and spiritual implications. Red, however, denotes excitement and sometimes anger. I have dreamt of floating on a red sea of rolling waves, propelling me to distant lands. I felt like I was about to begin a new adventure in my life.

When the waves became higher and more potent, I realized that I was fearful of change. I had to steel myself to accept what was to come. It turned out to be a job offer in another country. Somehow, I had predicted the outcome. I took the job and am happy as a clam today. The color red was a warning to be open and malleable.




Pink is a pale variation of red, softer and less intense than the primary color in its pure state. It is the color of femininity, of babies, of sweetness and purity. It is associated with young love and gentle romance. Dreams full of pink bode well for those struggling with decisions or conflict. It indicates a peaceful resolution and future happiness and affection.

Pink is the color of kindness but also immaturity and weakness. It has two sides so interpretation must be judicious. While dreams in red are active and emotional, those in pink are calmer and less threatening. Note that fuchsia is a pumped up, hot version of pink that is at once stimulating, provocative, and wild. Dreamers of this color are about to enjoy some real excitement in their lives.




Let’s skip orange because it is a hybrid and move on to the sunny color of life. Yellow makes people happy and energized. It is the color the intellect, agility, good health, and wisdom. Dreams drenched in yellow can move to the negative side of the equation and illustrate deceit and betrayal. Very sick individuals have been known to see yellow in the horizon, and as they get well, it turns to blue. Bright yellow dreams are rare but can be appreciated as receptacles for happy experiences and good times.

Yellow is associated with cowardice so watch your dreams carefully. You may be on the verge of disappointing others. You have the desire to please and fear letting people down. On the other hand, yellow is fraught with creative vibes just begging to zing.




This wonderful hue is the color of nature, so it is infused with good feeling. It denotes fertility, hope, vitality, health, growth, and other positive qualities. The sick are not likely to see green in abundance in their dreams. Those who feel well and full of vigor are likely to enjoy its appearance night after night.

Green can imply changes to come. It is the “go ahead” color of the traffic light. It is a metaphor for inexperience, however, so some degree of caution is warranted. A person who is “green” does not know the ropes. However, you can be green with envy and lose yourself in negative emotions. Like all colors, green has a darker jealous side.




A popular favorite, blue is the color of heaven and eternity. It is also associated with tranquility and peace. Other pluses include wisdom, loyalty and devotion, and an open mind. It is the color of truth and mental clarity. As the color of water, blue in dreams can indicate travel or a spiritual voyage.

Blue has many associations, making it difficult to interpret in a single dream. If it recurs, the message may be revealed over time. You may have a longing to escape and explore a new life. You are ripe for change. Let your mind be your guide.




This is a royal and regal color that appears in dreams of glory and achievement. You may see yourself on high as a ruler, director, manager, or government official. Your ideas and creative endeavors may reign supreme in your immediate world. Purple is victorious and of a high purpose when associated with acts. It indicates courage and valor. It is a strong color and a welcome one for most people.




Dreaming in other colors such as brown, black and white or gray indicates a more practical realm devoid of anxiety and doubt. Brown in particular is the color of domestic bliss, conservative, physical grounding, and earthiness. Dreams in brown may be mundane and calm. The context will tell the right tale. You might be in a forest, a cave, a nest, or a log cabin—each location will have its own symbolic meaning.

Gray-toned dreams might show you in a state of fear, flight, confusion, depression, or poor health. There are numerous options. Indecisiveness is a common assumption as in “shades of gray.” Gray is a dull color, even more than brown, and likely to denote a crossroads in your life—a point between two known realms.

On the other hand, black is more intense and decisive. But it clearly is the color of mystery, danger, hate, rejection, and mourning. It is highly emotional when it dominates your dreams. You might be expecting something to happen and pop out of the dark void generated by your mind. Black can also be a powerful symbol of bad times to come, yet it has spiritual and divine connotations in some cultures. It is a little harder to interpret than bright colors, but many assume it speaks of evil and impending doom.

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