Don’t turn meditation into a competitive sport

I used to hate meditating. Because unintentionally I managed to turn it into a competitive sport. I thought that the longer I sit criss crossed; the more I force myself to be mindful. The more it… works? If I didn’t have the desired outcome, it felt like a burden. And I felt more anxious and my mind was drained more than it was before. But I kept on going.


Practice makes it perfect! Apparently it’s the only thing where practice didn’t make it perfect. And as time passed, the more I started to hate the idea of it. Why should I continue if the whole point of meditation is to feel zen, but I feel like a bag of mashed tomatoes afterwards?

Now typing it down it’s amusing to read. Silly stubborn girl. So what am I now doing differently? Because I actually look forward to it. And no, it’s not because I bought some Enlightened Buddha 3000 that makes meditating super simple and also washes all my clothes.

It’s my body, my mind and my rules. Also, something that has really helped me is first to just focus on the breathing. Mentally say to yourself in your mind “breath in” as you’re breathing in and say it in your head “breath out” as you’re breathing out. This simple exercise alone really helped reduced the “noise” in my head. Also, remember that meditation is whatever you want it to be.


What does meditation actually mean for you? Once I figured out my answers. It all started to click. I don’t need to practice meditation on a daily basis. Once in a while is good enough - especially when I get the urge to do it. And the shorter the sessions, the more pure I feel afterwards. Aha! Just as I was starting to feel fed up I got with it, the switched turned on, and I found my own truths and a way to my spiritual journey.

So, if you really hate meditating, or it doesn’t make sense why it’s praised, I’m writing this for you. Take a step back, and find what works for you. Because it does come with a bunch of useful side effects.


“The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our minds.”

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


1. Meditation reduces stress

Learning how to cope with it is often unavoidable. Meditation helps you gain a different perspective on what’s happening and helps you take control over your emotions. The fact that you’re willing to deal with this is already a very good sign.


2. Meditation increase focus


As it helps to unplug from the unnecessary, you have more mental clarity of what’s actually important. Take a moment and think what your life would be like if you stopped focusing or worrying about unimportant clutter.


3. Meditation enhances inner peace


When your mind is at peace, you are in control in the midst of all your problems and difficult situations. Our thoughts affect our emotions, and our emotions in turn affect our reality.


4. Meditation promotes better sleep


All the previous steps lead to peaceful sleep. How often have your daytime problems followed you into bed, where they have suddenly magnified as soon as your head hit the pillow? A good night’s sleep helps you stay healthy and optimistic.


5. All this results in becoming the best version of yourself


I’m going to say it again. Find what works for you. Because it does come with a bunch of useful side effects.


If you want some extra help with meditation, you may want to check out our collection of Copper Meditation Pyramids. Copper is a conductor for energy and pyramids have been known in the metaphysical world for amplification of energy. To the Ancient Egyptians the pyramid is symbolic of the integration of self and soul. Meditating under a one of these Copper Pyramids have shown to manifest these benefits:


Meditation Pyramid


Lowering blood pleasure
Increasing energy levels
Detoxifying the blood
Strengthening overall healing


    Meditation Pyramid


    Mentally / Emotionally:

    Promoting positive thinking
    Clearing unhealthy thought patterns
    Encouraging self-development
    Reducing stress
    Deepening relaxation


      Meditation Pyramid


      Strengthening inner guidance
      Increasing our affinity with nature
      Deepening our sense of unity
      Guiding us on the path to enlightenment

        And... because I love you and thank you for staying with me until the end... You can get 20% off any of these Meditation Pyramids with code: MEDITATE20. Offer will expire on March 4th.



        Meditation Pyramid Collection

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