Do You Have a Spirit Squad?

To attain a higher self on this earth, there are six principles involved on your road to realization. They serve as spiritual guides to help you live the best and most meaningful life. With this “squad” of helpers, even miracles can happen. Opportunities may open up and endless possibilities await.

Everyone has a group of people or entities from the near or far past, who after death become our rudder for navigating the ship of life. Most likely, your team will consist of your family, friends, souls from a past lifetime, and even animals. Their help is there for the asking. Psychics draw upon them during your personal reading.



Your Special Guides


The spirit world is comprised of those who have passed over and remain in heaven, awaiting reincarnation. While their new “assignment” is pending, they can help those on earth with advice and encouragement. If you invite a member of this world to be your guide, you will benefit from their inherent nature. Given the impact a guide can have, it behooves you to select the most relevant and meaningful spirits. For example,  a psychic would want a shaman on their squad. A person who feels lost in the world would want a surrogate mother.

Your spirit helpers can be angels—yes, those winged creatures of lore. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice. Their role is to lead you on your journey to make sure you are protected and loved. Other members of your guide group are departed loved ones. In fact, these are the most prevalent members for most of us. If you were particularly close to a parent or aunt, they will emerge naturally as a choice. You may be surprised at the power of someone you barely knew but had a special bond with.

Think back, even to early childhood, and try to remember conversations and events of note. If you have a deceased parent, they are a premier possibility and likely to be a major guiding force beyond the earthly realm. With a psychic, you can review your family album for ideas. You may find that a particular photo resonates during your session.


Your higher self


With a spirit squad on your side, you can pursue the goal of a higher self to maximize the quality of your life. But, in point of fact, your higher self may emerge from your squad as an entity. Do not fear - this self is not your evil twin. It is you in every sense; it is a manifestation of your very being. Psychics think of the higher self as that aspect of a person that is closest to the divine. It is that part of you that has insight and access to the greater meaning of the universe. In short, it gets the “big picture.” It knows your inner nature, your secrets, your past life history, and what is to come. Learn to accept it and embrace what it has to offer.


The ascended masters


All the great religious figures come from this rich spiritual domain that you may be able to enter with the help of your squad. As such, Buddha, Jesus, or Ganesha are available to you, and they often appear in psychic readings.

The higher self seeks naturally to reach these great teachers, no matter the tradition in which you are grounded. They all have something to offer. Every life that is touched by their words is a life that is enriched and to be treasured. Having a religious master on your spirit list is extraordinary. They are there for your help, during tough times in particular. Soon, they will be with you at all times.


The spirit universe


This is just the beginning or an introduction to the spirit universe, showing a vital way you can tap into it for your benefit. Everything discussed above is part of the energy field of life and it can be as involved in your decision-making as you like. There is a collective unconscious underlying all things awaiting discovery. It finds personification in various religious traditions and is the essence of everything on earth, from a mere blade of grass to the regal lion. There is no greater joy in life than having the spirit world inform your daily events.

Everyone needs support, whether it come from the people around you or from your spirit guides. When you need to change direction or are facing a crisis, these guides are on your side every step of the way. Of course, as humans we are all spiritual beings, and it is within our nature to join forces with the spirit universe at any time.


  • Rhonda Brodie

    How do you tap into the spirit realm? Do do meditate and do these pendants help me? How do I strengthen my spiritual guide? And how do I know who it is or am I supposed to know ??

  • Cynthia Ranson

    I also need to know which jewelry wire is best to use when making bracelets. Wrapping crystals. Any suggested books ?

  • Cynthia Ranson

    I also need to know which jewelry wire is best to use when making bracelets. Wrapping crystals. Any suggested books ?

  • Cynthia Ranson

    I need herkama plz send me pucs

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