Daily Use of Crystals

We listen to everything a celebrity says or does. If Katy Perry uses crystals, then we want to know how. When we find out she has a collection, we want to enhance ours. For those not yet on board, here are eight ways to use these magic stones in your daily life.



Not Just for Healing


Crystals are not just for healing, although they have long been associated with this special property. There are many other ways to extract their energy. They are millions of years old and who knows what power they contain. How they affect you is an individual matter to be explored.

Trying various applications for crystals will help you find out how they work best for you. I would start with adding them to your meditation sessions. As you sit calmly ready to relax, hold one crystal in each hand. You can proceed to close your eyes as usual and focus on deepening your breathing. It is likely that you will feel a pull to the earth as you sink into your trance-like state. It should be a wonderful grounding effect, yet you may also feel surrounded by a contrasting lightness. If you are one of the lucky ones, your crystal will resonate. It is an individual experience. It may be minimal or dramatic in intensity.

While you continue to work with crystals in meditation, you can do other things as well to test their impact on your life. You can transform the energy in your space by making a crystal grid. It isn’t complicated. Just select an array of stones and make a symmetrical pattern. There is an ancient methodology here in geometrical forms. Some people like preprinted cloths to ensure the appropriate energy of the grid. Others adhere to Feng Shui principles when aligning colors and making placements. You no doubt will have a reason for the grid, so you can judge to what degree your purpose has been fulfilled. It is all about experimentation and personal response.


Crystals Create a Sacred Space


If you already use crystals, you know that they create and intensify a sacred space. Many people enjoy yoga in this kind of environment, and, of course, the meditation mentioned above. They have renowned calming abilities with peaceful connotations. Crystals are not symbols; they are active reminders of your goals in life.

There are various crystals used for sacred spaces. You want to be sure that your choice emits the kind of energy you desire from calm to invigoration. As long as it is positive, it is fine. There is a lot of advice out there about specific gems like amethyst, lapis lazuli, and selenite. Read and experiment and assess the results. If meditation is part of your routine, the purple stone is an excellent choice. It will help make you one with the universe.


Other Uses of Crystals


There is no end to the use of crystals, each having its own manifestation. It is a great idea to place them on your yoga mat.  Many people like to carry them on their person when away from their sacred space. This practice gives you maximum connection with the stones and more possibilities for personal impact. You can touch them at will and feel their energy. They will help center you and redirect your focus to what matters.

While you can place them strategically in a purse or pocket, you can amplify a specific chakra with correct body placement. The energy generated can be very strong. Some people report that this experience stirs their emotions and self-healing powers. It seems almost miraculous. There is a logic to this process, however, for maximum impact. Smoky quartz (for the root chakra) and aventurine are your best bet for specific purposes. The latter in particular will help evoke your inherent love when placed over the heart. Of course, a strategic crystal will always deepen your meditation.

Crystals also work wonders in a day spa, yours or a salon, extending the range of their healing power. You can do a self-treatment with the stones, by placing them on your body or in your bath. You should feel more restored and energetic. Be sure to soak a while for maximum benefit.

While our list is not exhaustive, it will give you ample opportunity to modify the energy in your space and therefore your life. They always infuse any location, especially when added to the décor. Large crystals are universally appealing and add life and color to a room. They completely modify an environment. Each type of crystal has its own positive aura. You can be as creative as you like.

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