Crystals for Weight Loss

Weight loss programs are tough to follow and require commitment and mental strength. It is difficult to break life-long habits. While there are all kinds of tips and tricks for motivation and follow-through, an important aid is often neglected. Crystals have many purposes and are known to promote relaxation and well-being. Their health properties are well known. Now is the time to discover how they can also help you on your weight-loss journey.



Make the decision


The process of weight-loss requires a simple decision to do it. No doubt you are worried about your body and longevity. Dieters mean well at the start but are often found on a detour of fat and sugar due to heavy cravings that wreak havoc with their plan. When your personality starts to shift and your moods turn sour, you soon realize who the culprit is. You are a victim of what you eat and likely are also disappointed in yourself.

Frustration follows dieters at every turn, and it is tempting to surrender to temptation. It really entails reprogramming as much as a good decision prompted by a good look in a full-length mirror. Foods are triggers that must be turned off so that urges and cravings are under control. When all else fails, meditation and exercise are good methods to stop the madness. As a vital part of your weight-loss program, you can add crystals to the mix.

Of course, to lose weight you need to improve your nutrition and start new patterns. Crystals will bring a state of mind over matter to get the job done. They help control the emotions lurking behind the desire to overeat. Those with high-vibrating energy are ideal to break negative cycles and enhance a new one. In short, they are the best path to weight-loss success.


Using crystals for weight loss


The best use of crystals is to combine them in a drink or preferably water. Dieter or not, you need to drink your required 8 glasses every day. This will flush toxins from your system while providing important rehydration. It is said that a sugar craving is actually a need for more water. The process is simple. You can use clear or rose quartz in an elixir.

Here is what to do. Hold the crystals in your hands (with eyes closed) and visualize your weight-loss goals and possible results. A loving pink and white light will suddenly infuse your body. Then place these crystals in a jar of water and set outside (directly in the sun) for at least two hours. The longer the time the more energy they soak up. By the way, saging your living space can’t hurt to clear away old negative vibes.


Time for yoga


The crystals in water should do the job and you can repeat it as many times as you like. To add fuel to the goal-making fire, we suggest sessions of yoga in a class or at home. Guess what? You will also use crystals during these workouts. You get more bang for your buck every time. Your weight-loss intentions will be realized in a shorter period of time.

 Yoga is great all the time, dieting or not, as it refocuses the mind and tunes the body. When you are facing unhealthy urges, it becomes an essential item in the tool shed. While you are following an intense program, it can stabilize your metabolism and help you adjust to new habits.

The positivity of crystals cannot be overemphasized. Several are particularly useful during a period of weight loss to help you set off on a new life plan. They can be placed at the bottom of your yoga mat for motivation and reprogramming. You can also chose to meditate with these crystals as well.


  • Selenite: helps banish the negative aspects of detoxing
  • Fluorite: soothes the mind and promotes emotional clarity
  • Black agate: perfect for protection
  • Hematite: best for grounding
  • Black tourmaline: promotes release
  • Sunstone: brings empowerment and calms the emotions associated with eating

Note: certain yoga poses are suggested for weight loss. For example, savasana or corpse pose brings a natural high that substitutes for sugar. Many place amethyst over the third eye as a method of stress release.


Benefits to metabolism


There is yet another way to enhance your diet program with crystals. Certain ones can aid your metabolism adjust to its new level of functioning. The following two are useful and effective.


  • Blue apatite: the body rebels during a weight-loss program, and this crystal can calm irritability and deepen determination.
  • Selenite: when emotions emerge that subvert your goals, this crystal goes to work to help the body adjust to change.


Crystals need not be a one-time effort and can be used alone in your environment or accompanying meditation. It is particularly valuable to place selenite over your chest or sunstone at the solar plexus chakra, while holding blue apatite crystals in your hands. You now have a vital and essential aid that will make weight loss easier and faster than ever before.

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