Crystals for a Better Life

 A life imbued with crystals is an empowered and exciting life. You become gifted with a positive mood and a wonderful outlook on the future. These colorful light-reflecting gems are more powerful than any medication or form of therapy, or so it is said. Proponents attest to the most amazing changes in their lives after even a short period of time. Each crystal has unique properties and repercussions. It is enjoyable and rewarding to try them all. Worn or placed in the home or office, crystals will bring you peace and tranquility.



You may have started with crystals for their healing power or to change the aura of a room or home. You may have psychological problems and are suffering from stress and anxiety. There are many reasons to explore their existence. Most people are seeking good health and greater happiness. It is as simple as that. While one person will redecorate and paint a room, another will listen to music and surround themselves with comfort. There is another group that takes to crystals in the hopes of bringing more love and harmony into their lives. The promise of crystals is far ranging.

The power of crystals is legendary and goes back to ancient cultures. They could restore the psyche, bring about abundance in nature, and promote human connection. They were simultaneously mystical, beautiful, and practical. Many of the most popular crystals exist today as top choices for changing one’s mood and environment. Take your pick. Try one or all of them for best results. You can never go wrong with crystals in your life. Wear them or place them strategically in your midst. In alphabetical order, here is a rundown of the principle properties of seven well-known examples.




  • A highly-prized all-purpose stone available in assorted shades from light lilac to intense purple.
  • Called the “Traveler’s Stone”, amethyst should be taken on the road for protection
  • The crystal best associated with Sahasrara, or the Crown Chakra
  • Also correlates well with Ajna or Third Eye Chaka, the gateway to enhanced intuition as well as divine consciousness.
  • A source of clarity to inhibit mental confusion
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief while it fights depression
  • A panacea for insomnia, sleeplessness, and mood swings
  • Promotes improved immunity and cell regeneration




  • Found in nature in blue, red, green, yellow, peach, and other hues.
  • A great booster of self-esteem; establishes confidence and self-love and all forms of personal growth
  • The crystal for love relationships and strong friendships.
  • The “Luck Stone” especially in the shade of green; associated with good fortune and opportunity
  • A natural therapy for heart problems and emotional issues. Aventurine is the color of the Heart Chakra (Anahata).
  • A wonderful antidote for allergies and sleep disorders
  • Promotes immunity and regulates blood pressure


Black Tourmaline


  • You can wear this crystal for personal protection. It works for any age: child to adult
  • The stone that shields you from electro-magnetic fields and EMF frequencies, especially when placed near electronic devices.
  • Ideal to absorb any negativity: human or otherwise. It can transform it into positive energy.
  • Wards off the negative vibrations of your foes or those with an intention to harm you.
  • Removes personal psychological blockage that may prevent success with one aspect of your life. Replaces bad with positive energy.
  • The stone of abundance




  • A lovely light orange crystal that ranges to reddish brown
  • A source of inspiration, confidence, and motivation
  • Promotes perseverance in difficult times
  • Boosts energy and spreads joy while banning impure and destructive energies
  • Associated with Svadhisthana, the Sacred Chakra, to alleviate addiction and obsession
  • harnesses creativity and sensuality




  • Well known and esteemed for its beautiful yellow or golden color
  • Called the “Merchant’s Stone, it helps with financial endeavors
  • Keep it in a cash drawer or money box to enhance your income
  • Associated with abundance, prosperity, and opportunity
  • Provides aura protection when worn on the body
  • Provides protection for a room or home when placed in the four corners
  • A treatment for overweight as it is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakru, or Manipura


Clear Quartz


  • Another all-purpose stone with pervasive uses
  • Lovely, clear and translucent, this crystal is the “Master Healer” that treats emotional and physical problems. It cures what ails the soul.
  • Resonates with the higher chakras, while evoking divine white light
  • Connects to the higher self and consciousness.
  • Associated with the highest plane of wisdom and pure love


Rose Quartz


  • A very recognizable pink crystal that radiates calm to soothe the soul
  • The symbol of love and harmony
  • Opens the heart to new love; vibrates with peace and tranquility
  • Promotes forgiveness, of the self and others
  • Therapy for personal trauma and failed relationships
  • Heals the inner child karma when worn or held

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