Crystals Bring Health and Happiness

The ability of crystals to change one’s life is well known in limited circles, and the media is begging for more information. Everyone is perennially seeking health and happiness and an unexplored method is promising. These magical and colorful stones have helped people since ancient times and modern man is awaiting his turn. As celebrities like Katy Perry reveal their affinity for crystals, the average person wants to know how to harness their power as well.  Real advocates become “stone people” as they are affectionately known. Somehow they have the key to wisdom, contained in the very structure of the material. The earth’s past is compressed within dormant layers that come to life when held by a human hand.

Crystals are associated with yoga, meditation, healing, and health. Their use has grown beyond a component of beauty products or home decoration. While they make glorious pieces of jewelry, their ability to promote well-being seems far more important. They are no longer mocked and dismissed as more and more people become attuned to their energy and spiritual resonance.



Which one is for you?


There are many types from which to choose and it may be a daunting task for beginners to select them. They aren’t ready to absorb their vibration and make a connection. At first it becomes a matter of shape, size, and color. Then the power component comes into play. Let your intuition be your guide.

When the uniqueness of each crystal is revealed, you will find that each has a story to tell. Citrine is beautiful and clear and the correct stone to dovetail with your “intentions.” Selenite on the other hand is for mental acuity and the banishment of negative body energy. And yes, different crystals can work in tandem. Almost all have some kind of healing property. Most likely you will be drawn to the one you need the most.


Crystal Preparation


A crystal may have fallen into other hands at one time, and it must be cleansed and prepared for new use. How many people have touched it before? Was it used for evil purposes? You can literally wash it, of course, but it must be spiritually renewed. Some people like to place them outside in strategic places under the vault of the sky, or in a room filled with music. They may expose them to sacred sage smoke or incense. In no time, the old energy is replaced and a new level of vibration produced. All of the basic elements of life—earth, air, water, and fire--play their part in the preparation.


Energy and Intention


Every crystal relates to a particular energy intention you have set for it. The enormous variety from aventurine and amethyst to carnelian and rose quartz exist for a reason; everyone has a different goal. They vary with age, health, and life circumstances. Performing a rite with such wondrous stones helps draw out their inherent power. There are prescribed movements and breathing patterns to activate during the session. Human touch enlivens their vibration which is why it is recommended that you manually work with them during spiritual rituals. While it is not conventionally religious, the experience does evoke a profound kind of faith, particularly in nature and the universe.

No ritual is complete without an “intention” that guides the stone’s aura in a certain direction. It is time to affirm what you want from the gemstone. You will call forth that particular energy from the earth that speaks to your pressing need. You may want to be more balance and grounded in life, happier within your own skin. Others seek healing from illness or mental depression. Who doesn’t seek success and achievement?


Make it a Routine


Whether you practice yoga or meditation or enjoy personal rituals in your sacred space at home, crystals are there to assist you in the process. It is important to use them often, if not daily, for the most impact on your life. If nothing else, place a stone strategically on your person or under your pillow, so it is with you almost day and night. You surely will have beautiful dreams. Meanwhile your chakras will be aligned and your body and mind in perfect balance.

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