Crystals are Ideal for Healing

Among their many properties, crystals are imbued with the ability to heal by means of powerful vibrations. This is just one more reason to enhance your knowledge of how they can change your life for the better. You already know that these magical little stones will bring you good luck, open your chakras, stimulate clarity, and help you focus on what matters most.



Crystals and Health


Now it is time to take a look at another dimension of crystals: healing and health. This is nothing new and rituals go back to ancient cultures, a time when there was no other recourse for human ailments. The purity of the experience continues today with each type of crystal possessing a unique pattern that mirrors the geometric essence of nature—and the physical body. The process is simple. When a charged crystal is placed in proximity to an afflicted individual, energy waves are passed over at a given frequency such that the person vibrates in tune with it to embrace its healing power.

If you have not experienced this dimension of crystals, it is time to learn how you can benefit. Most people need healing, mentally or physically, at one time or another. Here is a safe and natural way to achieve profound results. It takes a bit of focus and the iteration of a phrase like, “With this crystal, I am participating in nature’s art of healing…”

It is essential that your crystals become charged before you begin your personal ritual. There are many ways depending upon where you are and the time of day or night. Just follow your instincts, and your intuition will guide you to the best method. Most people have an “intention” to pursue that dictates the ideal stone and its method of activation. The most effective healing comes from the right starting point in your heart and mind. Consider the possibilities in your surroundings:


  • The rays of the sun and moon are perfect for charging crystals of any type. The energizing properties of these orbs are legendary. Plus, they rid your crystals of negative elements to make them more powerful for healing. It is recommended to expose them for a full twenty-four hours for best results. Make sure they are in the direct light of the sun or moon. One caution: amethyst may fade in the sun. In addition, a full moon has additional benefits and is a highly-sought-after state of nature. You have the symbolic aura of endings or, in the case of a new moon, beginnings.
  • Selenite and quartz can be charged naturally and they are known as “cleansing stones.” In fact, many people place other crystals atop them for a day to purify their inherent energy. Another way to achieve this is to surround your crystals with selenite or quartz (small pieces are fine), perhaps making a potent circle. Lore tells us that yellow, orange, red, gray and white stones benefit the most. No wonder it is a popular procedure for charging crystals for healing.
  • We all have a patch of earth somewhere, even if it is just a flower pot on the window sill. Better yet if you have a real garden in the back yard. Now you can avail yourself of nature’s best method for charging. Just place your stones and crystals (particularly green, yellow, white, pink, and orange) amid fresh-growing leaves for a day and night so they can absorb the energy and be ready for healing. This is particularly beneficial for green, white, orange, yellow or pink colored stones.
  • Similarly, use your plot of earth to bury crystals for 24 hours (up to a week to enhance the infusion of energy). As you can imagine, this works well for the earthy variety of stones such as the darker examples: brown, deep red, black, grays, and greens. This is called the “grounding method.” Now the stones are ready for healing.
  • Let’s not forget an important charging opportunity: Reiki or sound bowls. You can use these to charge any crystals for maximum energy. Those who practice Reiki will know how to do it over the stones, or you can alternatively make a “sound bath” with gongs or singing bowls, as you wish. This is a delightful way to accomplish your task of healing, with particular effectiveness for white, purple, blue, and pink colors.


Select the method that appeals to you and is most convenient at the time and place when you need to charge your crystals for healing purposes. The vibrations created will work wonders for your health and rid your body and mind of negative elements. Thanks to charged crystals, you will be on a new path to well-being.

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