Clean a space with pendulum

Here’s something hot for a Tuesday. Might as well call this one the: how to take your crystal practice to the next level. Because after this you’ll feel like a seasoned veteran who knows what they’re doing.

Important things first. You don’t need to know latin. Now that we have got that covered. All you need is a pendulum. (If you haven’t got one, we’ve got a wide variety that you can find here.)

Before you start. Make sure your pendulum is cleansed and charged from unwanted energies. Also, each pendulum swings differently for a ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Find out which one is which.

Whether you want to cleanse a certain space, or walk around to find a place that needs cleansing in the first place. Do this:

Steadily and slowly walk around with your pendulum in a specific room or space until it starts swinging. (You’ll know the right kind of swinging.) That means you’ve located the spot. Now that you’ve found the specific area, here’s what to do next. Say: “Please clean or remove any unwanted energy from this space.” It should start spinning the opposite direction if it has removed unwanted energy.

If nothing seems to work, there may be objects near that are holding onto unwanted energy. Walk around and repeat to find the cause. After you’re done. Give thanks to your crystal.

If you’re new to crystals you probably think it sounds way too easy. “Where’s all the candles and sage and crystal balls?” Think of crystal practice as learning to play a musical instrument. The more you work with crystals the more you learn how to communicate with them. The more you learn how to read them, the more you develop a deeper spiritual, and intellectual relationship with your crystal. And the more you’ll subtly know how to take your practice to the next level.


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