Chakras out of Balance?

What does it mean when you say your chakras are out of balance? Wow. You could be living in a topsy-turvy world of chaos and commotion. Your chakras define you and control your life. It is vital to get them back in balance right away. These energy centers—seven in number—are the foundation of the physical and mental self. If they are allowed to dysfunction, it will manifest in all kinds of negative ways.

If you are experiencing a particular ailment, it will be associated with its own chakra. It can be mental, of course. After all, physical weakness affects our emotional strength. We need to release bad vibrations from the body and get back on track. Certain therapies will address given chakras to release malfunctions and potential pain. Identifying which of the seven needs balance will help restore well-being. There may be a “blockage” or other stumbling block to healing. They could be due to fears or various physical symptoms.

Let’s analyze each one briefly as an introduction to the concept. Note that an imbalance in one may find compensation is the overaction of another.



1st: Root Chakra


At the base of the spine, the first or root chakra is located. If this chakra is out of whack, you may experience issues with your lower body—the feet, legs, prostrate or bladder, reproductive organs—or the entire immune system. This chakra is responsible for the onset of arthritis and other degenerative bone diseases.

Knee pain, digestive problems (such as constipation), and eating disorders emanate from this realm. If the first chakra is not in order, you may suffer anxiety over your basic needs for survival such as food, shelter, and money. You will need to address the imbalance fast to feel secure and safe in the world. It is all about self-preservation.


2nd: Sacral Chakra


Down below the naval is the locus of the sacral chakra. Many physical issues reflect an imbalance. You may be incontinent, have kidney stones, lower back pain, or reproductive difficulties. Your sex drive may be compromised. The emotional repercussions are severe. Your relationships may become strained and your ability to communicate impaired.

People out of balance in the 2nd chakra struggle to regain their sense of pleasure in the world as they may have lost their desire and creative abilities. Impotence, addiction, and betrayal are dire consequences. You may strain to be open and creative and loathe taking risks. The balanced chakra, on the other hand, will make you sexual and passionate as well as open to people. Honoring others is the heart of the matter.


3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra


Above the naval you will find the solar plexus chakra. It is no surprise that it regulates digestion, liver function, blood pressure, the pancreas, colon, and gall bladder. When out of balance, you may experience problems in all these areas as well as chronic fatigue. You may have stomach ulcers and an intestinal disease. 

Turning to the emotional realm, an imbalance in the 3rd chakra can lead to a loss of self-esteem and self-worth. You may feel your personal power eroding as you become critical of yourself and fear rejection. Too much attention to physical appearance is common. You need to restore your self-respect and self-compassion to feel in control. Confidence will return as you find balance. The watchword with this chakra is self-acceptance.


4th: Heart Chakra


The location of the 4th chakra speaks for itself. The heart chakra is the master of the heart and lungs, the shoulder and upper back area, the arms and wrists. Pain in these areas reflects an imbalance. You may display symptoms of breast, lung, or heart disease as well as an inefficient lymphatic system.

As for the emotions associated with the 4th chakra, issues of the heart are dominant. On the negative side, you can become jealous, anger, bitter, and filled with loneliness to the extreme. When balance returns, so does joy, love, gratitude, compassion, trust, and forgiveness—all essential qualities of a good life. As you can imagine, the hallmark here is love.


5th: Throat Chakra


An imbalance of the 5th chakra will affect organs of the throat such as the thyroid and vocal chords. You can experience sore throats and laryngitis, ear infections, various facial issues with the lips or tongue, and even shoulder pain and TMJ. It’s not a pretty picture.

It’s time to consider an imbalance when your ability to communicate suffers and you have trouble with self-expression. You start to feel powerless and out of control. A flow of words, written and verbal, will start to come after balance is achieved. A person with a strong throat chakra is honest, truthful, a good listener, and a strong voice to be heard.


6th: Third Eye Chakra


In the center of the forehead can be found the 6th or third eye chakra. It is right between the brows. Naturally, an imbalance will cause headaches, vision and sinus problems, hearing loss, and hormone malfunction. Seizures are the worst of it.

Moodiness and volatility are the result of an imbalance of associated emotions. You may become very reflective and inner directed, dwelling on multiple fears. You shun advice and retreat into daydreams boosted by a vivid imagination.

After a rebalancing, clarity returns along with a restoration of a normal perspective. You are now open to others’ wisdom. You can distinguish truth from illusion once again now that “reality” has set in. You should always focus on the big picture to fulfill the chakra.


7th: Crown Chakra


The crown chakra is self-explanatory; it resides at the top of the skull. Mental disorders like depression and learning disabilities may arise when it is out of balance. You may also be extremely sensitive to your environment, particularly light and sound.

An imbalance of the crown chakra or an overactive state will affect one’s emotional well-being as the afflicted forms unusual thoughts and suffers from confusion and “analysis paralysis.” You may question your values and knowledge, perhaps in the spiritual sphere, as you develop a feeling of alienation. Restored balance activates one’s trust in one’s own beliefs. Living mindfully is the motto of this chakra.

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