Bathing with Crystals

Water is universally therapeutic and has been a mode of ritual cleansing since antiquity, if not before. Think of the ancient Egypt and the famous Roman baths that initiated a practice that has survived for eons. When people started to recognize the power inherent in crystals, they added them to their baths for maximum recharging and psychic restoration.

While you can meditate, use essential oils or practice yoga to revive your weary mind and body, bathing with crystals is a special treat indeed that results in well-being and happiness. Everyone feels stressed and overworked these days and finding a perfect panacea for lagging energy has been a wonder drug in itself. It is all about self-care and finding unique ways to banish the toxic aura of other people.

Taking a long, hot bath is by no means overly self-indulgent when the result is a spiritual uplift. It is more than a way to wash off the dirt and grime of the day from our polluted environment. With so much benefit involved, bathing has become a necessary habit like that nightly relaxing glass of wine at dinner time. We are doing ourselves and our world a favor by maximizing our mental acuity and personal productivity.

So how does it work? Placing crystals in your bath water releases their energy vibrations to help you relax and unwind. You must take care of your life force to help work and social relationships unfold to your satisfaction. Treating yourself to a piece of chocolate cake or a new outfit isn’t nearly as meaningful in the long run. A bath can be a simple soak, a whirlpool experience or combined with a shower or swim, but whatever form it takes, when done with crystals it is a magical event.



Crystal specifications


When bath time beckons, take a few easy breaths and calm your spirit in readiness for renewal. Visualize being one with the swirling water and feel its fluid gracefulness flowing throw your veins. Think good thoughts as you light a candle, turn off the lights, and select a pleasant scent. Last but of greatest importance, choose a crystal or two that speak to your root, crown or solar plexus chakras according to your current needs. The scene is set for stress reduction. Place the crystals beside the area of concern such as the head, stomach or legs. When surrounded by water, these elements set the “intention “ of the bath. You can hold the stones or place them over your heart.


Some excellent choices:


Amethyst: the perfect crystal for relaxation in a bath is this purple gemstone known for relieving stress and dispelling negative energy. It is a lovely addition to any piece of jewelry as well as a powerful resource to achieve health and happiness. It is a prized possession for its luminous brilliance.

Selenite and quartz immediately come to mind for one’s bathing pleasure if stress relief is the goal. What better way to replenish a spirit that has been drained of its vibration?  After a tough day at work, try these alone or together around the tub for a quick fix. Banish negativity and turn yourself around, using the beams of energy they emit into your crown chakra. You will finish your bath renewed and restored. Selenite will dissolve in water so avoid complete immersion.

Rose quartz is a light, soft-colored stone that possesses the spirit of love within its essence. A couple of the gemstones in your bath water are guaranteed to replenish your inner being, not to mention healing the skin. Rose quartz has the ability to reach the cellular level of the body to reprogram tissues to vibrate with new life.

Citrine is a favorite for its bright color and radiance. It speaks to the solar plexus chakra when placed on or near the upper abdomen. You will instantly feel brighter and more energetic and your mind will be cleared of negative thoughts. Creativity is ensured in your future endeavors while you enjoy a stronger sense of self-esteem.  

Hematite symbolizes calm and balance because it works on the root chakra. It is most effective in meditation and during self-reflection but is also powerful in a bath for the release of tension. You will emerge from the water more grounded and centered. When the chaos of life takes over, hematite will help you refocus.

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