Ban Negative Energy Now

Anyone who works with feng shui clients knows that there are strict requirements regarding space and layout in any environment. They will not settle for less than the right principles. The front door and the master bed have to be in the right place as does the staircase. The colors must be appropriate and harmonious. All décor must revolve around the truths of feng shui.

These same people are super sensitive to bad vibes in a space where there is too much mess and clutter. They can feel the negative energy like a drain on the emotions. At the very worst, a room can be eerie and haunted. The more chaotic it is, the more it impacts mood and draws the inhabitant into a vortex of distress.


Dragging you down


The bane of one’s existence in searching for the right space is the “vampire energy” dragging you down. This is simply a designation for the wrong environment, one laden with clutter and confusion that wreaks havoc on your soul. It is enough to make the strongest person weak in the knees. Where does it come from and what can be done? It is more than adherence to feng shui.

It seems to happen in some places much to the chagrin of residents. It is the principle of negativity that ruins everything in sight. Maybe something evil happened in the space at one time. No, no spirits are going to kill you in the night. It is more a matter of shifting the energy patterns in the room, whatever their source. It can be you! You bring home all the stress and trauma of your day. If you weren’t confident and happy at work, you won’t be at home. You are on a sinking ship unless you do something about it. Learn to recognize vampire energy and obliterate it fast.



A Whirlwind of Problems


You can count them on all your fingers and toes. You have arguments with the boss and hassles with your spouse. Your finances are in a shambles. You feel depressed and on the verge of a breakdown. What happened to your dream of happiness and peace? How did chaos and clutter come to dominate your life?

No one likes to live with instability caused by the problems of life that plague you incessantly, disturbing your sleep and destroying your appetite. Where is that happy, healthy person of years ago?  Now you are surrounded by toxic energy. You need a detox fast. Vampire energy loves to lurk in unexpected places, but don’t let it get your goat.

There are signs that tell you that trouble is brewing in the form of vampire energy. You are confused in conversations and exhausted after social encounters. You don’t feel well and are tired of backhanded jibes. You don’t feel like yourself and now hesitate to stand up for your rights. Everything seems like doom and gloom around you, and your anxiety level is growing.

This sounds pretty dire, and it is the worst case scenario to make our point. We all exist at some point on a continuum of good to bad. But at the very least, if you feel small and useless, lethargic and dull, you are a victim of vampire energy. The good news is that there is hope. Here’s how.


  • Talk to yourself and make a decision to change, no matter how hard it will be. Be responsible for knocking the vampire flat. Clear your space and your mind. Enter a new dynamic and feel revived.
  • We often encounter haters, directly in our midst, or those we hear and read about in the media. You must push them away and cease and desist any obsession with their negativity. Why bother with people who don’t listen to reason?
  • Get rid of clutter: people or things. Less is more in everything. Keep unnecessary people and objects at a distance lest they dominate your world. It is easy to become a victim to materialism. Worse yet, people who cling to you and demand your time are destructive and threatening. No one needs verbal abuse.
  • Allow yourself the space to zone out and be free. This is often a “safe space” in your home that feels free from negative vibes. It is your space, and yours alone. Let that be clear to family. No vampires allowed. Only your inner circle if and when you like.
  • Do what makes you feel good: clean the house, go for a walk, take a bubble bath, sunbathe, or eat a pie. Create your own form of detox that goes beyond your colon.


There are other ways to clear negativity from your life, but these are a good start. They will make you strong and resilient. It is all about rejuvenation and restoration after a siege of vampire energy. You will have a new lease on life, and a positive perspective that will carry you forward and far. You will have better relationships and more self-love--all leading to success and happiness. The best time to start is now.

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