An Out of Body Experience is Possible

I was lying on my bed one afternoon in a kind of half-sleep state. I was used to taking naps, especially after a restless night, but this time it was different. I was awakened for some reason during my rest period only to find that I was floating over the bed looking down at myself. I had never heard of astral projection and had obviously not tried to do it. Suddenly, it was happening to me. It wasn’t unpleasant but was of some concern. I couldn’t wake up. So why try? I let it unfold to see where it would take me. I enjoyed an alternated state of being, feeling that I had entered a new realm of consciousness.



Astral Projection


After the experience, I tried it again with no success. So, I looked into the matter to see if I could learn to do it on demand. I found that there is a name for it, astral projection. It is defined as the ability of the spirit to “separate” from the body. You can “return” from another plane any time. It is said to be a kind of otherworldly travel.

I can attest to the fact that it feels real and is, therefore, real. You are in a hyper state of self-awareness that brings about another dimension of existence. I described it as a feeling of floating or being lifted up and soon found that many others used the same words. They say you can learn it and practice to get better at it. It is commonly referred to as OBE or an Out of Body Experience.


It Feels Real


While some call it “lucid dreaming,” I felt very awake and aware. As I said, it was real in my mind. Dreams, of course, feel this way for most people. Perhaps they are akin to astral projection in their own way. While astral projection may be controlled (such that you can will yourself to move about or wake up), dreaming seems to be totally subconscious. After you learn to do astral projection, you can decide for yourself if it is real or a fantasy. If real, you can imagine the implications of this spirit/body separation. Mind over matter can have immeasurable consequences to health and well-being.

I don’t think scientists have been able to prove it exists. Maybe they aren’t even trying. They prefer to spend time on the dream state and the interpretation of recurring images. Nonetheless, astral projection can be induced according to many sources, and it is a sought-after type of trance to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. You might think of it as a kind of deep meditation.


Techniques: the process


Apparently anyone can learn to have an OBE if they know how to relax and sit still for a time. Again, this is like meditation. Since I experienced it lying down, I assume that this is most conducive to evoking this state. From what I read, beginners can follow a few basic steps to elicit astral projection starting with the breath. You focus on it, try to control it, and slow it down. As you relax, you clear your mind and drift off.

You should feel different or you are not there yet. Some people say they feel numb or “in the zone.” Similar to meditation, you need about twenty minutes to lose awareness of your surroundings.

Next, proponents of a certain process say that you will enter a vibrational state of consciousness that comes prior to “projection.” It is interesting that it has been broken down so clearly. Vibration is an individual matter and not something to panic about, given that it is not your normal state of being. You remain focused and let this period pass as you stay still and quiet.


Willpower Works


Now that you are deep into the experience, you can start to use your willpower to play with the out of body experience. I remember visualizing myself moving around the room, even though I wasn’t sure I was really going anywhere. You could start with an arm or leg and let it rise. People do this under hypnosis all the time without exerting effort. Your eyes are closed all this time, by the way, to enhance the altered state. If you feel you are not quite doing astral projection, you can continue to focus on your breathing.

It gets really interesting when you start to rise. This is a wonderful sensation. Apparently it can be learned and improved with practice. It should not be scary or intimidating; but rather freeing and exhilarating. You can move about at will, or so it seems. Maybe you go and look at something in your midst and see it as never before. It can be an object, a picture, a piece of clothing, or just the rug. Let yourself go.

When you feel you want to “return”, you just will it like you did the rising and floating. It can also just happen on its own. You will not stay in the astral projection state no matter what, just like you would never remain hypnotized for too long. The body seeks its normal stasis.


Enhance the Experience


While what I have described may be enough for you, some people seek to enhance and change the experience over time. I read somewhere that this is called “brainwave entertainment.” No matter, it is likely to be enjoyable if you are pleased with your OBE. Maybe you want to do it for the spiritual effect or more intense relaxation. It may help you sleep better at night. There are many guides on line to alter the experience and make it meaningful and customized for you. Some people like to use sound and lights to make astral experience more extraordinary. Whatever you chose, learn to love your newfound consciousness and let it take you to unknown territory.

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