A Zodiac Workout

What’s your sign? Ha! Tired of that annoying pickup question in a bar. But it is actually relevant to more than a way to initiate a conversation with a stranger. Your sign can help you work out better and become healthy and fit more efficiently. If you haven’t been getting the results you desire, and feel you are wasting your time, try coordinating your exercise with your Zodiac sign. You might be really surprised.

We all want to feel good physically and mentally and most of us will try any new fad. But this one is no joke. It works and relies on a long-standing age-old tradition. Many people live by their signs and seek help from astrologers for advice based on the position of the planets. For example, as an Aquarius, we know you love ballet and exercising at the bar. You might be ripe for a career in the arts.

If you love long hikes in the outdoors, chances are you are defined by your Sagittarius nature. A forest ranger position might be in your future. And it goes on. Let’s review all twelve signs of the Zodiac to see what suits you. We recognize that you know your sign but are unlikely to associate any workout regime with it. Let’s help you find your way to new possibilities.

How lucky we are to even have the leisure time to work out. We also have many choices and usually go with what’s convenient and close by. A martial arts class might be down the street or a cycling center in your office building. You might live in the country and enjoy the many bike trails with scenic views. But what really is right for your nature, as indicated by your birth sign?



Zodiac Signs & Workout Routines


  1. Fitness for Aquarius: you have the option to join a barre, yoga, or group cycling class because you like being with other people during your workout. If your friends or family will join, so much the better. It is all about the community for you. The camaraderie will keep you coming back, as you are satisfying the friendliness in your nature.
  2. Pisces love swimming: your sign loves water, so you will naturally gravitate to the nearest pool. You wouldn’t join a gym without one and you might even have one at home. You can’t get enough of swimming as your favorite pastime and fitness booster. You love a rhythmic workout and never tire of the sport.
  3. Boxing is the preferences of an Aries: this courageous, active, optimistic sign loves a good fight, even if it consists of some playful punching. It is known to be a thorough workout that is at once thrilling and intense.
  4. Most people love running, but a Taurus is on the top of the list. This sign is the hallmark of the track star, who is born to run. The well-grounded and practical Taurus loves nothing more than lacing up the sneakers and clocking his or her time.
  5. The Gemini is the perfect team player for most any sport from volleyball to softball and soccer. This sign works well with others in implementing clever strategies. Anything athletic appeals to the playful Gemini.
  6. The Cancer sign wants to workout in privacy of his or her home and is bound to have a makeshift gym. Big classes are not the preferred thing. The Cancer would rather put on a video and get moving. He or she loves to craft a unique exercise routine.
  7. If you are a Leo, you might like CrossFit. This sign covers the most creative and passionate people who are fearless at sports. They thrive on rope climbing and box jumping to get the blood pumping.
  8. Virgos are adept at weight training; it is their forte, being precise and detail-oriented in nature. Their satisfaction is complete after a session in the gym. They love to measure their progress and try to excel the next time.
  9. Libra is the sign of balance (its emblem is the scales): this person is a great gym buddy who doesn’t need to work alone. Workouts become social occasions, like a long hike with a picnic at the end, or a yoga class.
  10. Hot yoga is for you as a Scorpio: you are known to be brave, stubborn, and super passionate. You apply your temperament to your chosen form of exercise. Hot yoga is tops on your list of perfect choice. You love a good, sweaty workout: your fiery personality is in heaven.
  11. The Sagittarius is a great hiker and can go for hours and hours. You seek to boost your heart rate and get a good sweat going. Long walks on scenic trails are your cup of tea. You don’t bore easily and like to go at your own pace.
  12. Cycling is the choice of Capricorns who are responsible and disciplined types. They love a challenge and have the strength to meet it. They are known to possess a well-developed mindset. If it focuses on cycling, a new passion is born. It can be outside or in spin class, it doesn’t matter.

There you have it: 12 signs and their corresponding exercise programs. Your innate penchant for a given routine is no doubt a reflection of the position of the planets when you were born. Let it direct your athletic endeavors.

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