A vision board that actually works.

How do vision boards make you feel? It’s exciting and some what motivational to look at pretty pictures, isn’t it?

How about we put the traditional vision board, you’re familiar with, aside. Because I’ve got something more thrilling for you. And I’m quite sure you’re not familiar with it.

Let’s make a vision board that works. That propels you forward in becoming a manifestation machine. (We don’t need pictures, like in the traditional one.)

Did you know we manifest with our subconscious mind? And that’s why this approach I’m going to tell you about changes everything. Grab my hand, let me walk you through.

You’re familiar with the first step. What’s that one, or eight things in the back of your mind that gives you warm shivers when you think about achieving it? Now instead of finding a resembling picture of it. Find a piece of paper, and a pen or a marker.

We’re going to draw, but not in the way you probably think. Grab your pen and pick a starting point on the paper. Close your eyes, and think about that one specific desire.

For the purpose of an example, let’s say you picture yourself running around in your vintage vineyard in Southern France.

Think about walking through the vines on a sunny afternoon. And as you subconsciously visualize it, start drawing your manifestation out. Let your hand freely glide. Think of what you see, touch, smell, hear, and taste in your Southern France vineyard as you subconsciously glide with your marker. Let your subconscious draw everything out. Let the lines flow. In the end it’s going to look like something a kid would draw. Which means you’re doing it right. (See the picture below.)


It’s not supposed to make any sense. The drawing becomes a symbol of your subconscious mind. Do that with everything you want to manifest in your life.

Once you’re done, store the scribblings somewhere. Doesn’t matter where. After a while you’ll forget what each of the scribbling means. Jackpot! Because our conscious mind forgot it, but as I said - we manifest with our subconscious mind. And that’s when the abracadbra happens.

One day, when you’re greeted by the fruity-honeyish smell outside of your new home - you’ll remember your scribbling. That same scribble you long forgot about, but your subconscious mind still remembers.



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