11 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritually awakening can be a daunting, lonely, and surprising process. As you spiritually awaken you will experience things that you’ve never experienced before. So, to make the process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the various signs and symptoms you are likely to feel as your spiritual awakening progresses. Some of the symptoms may be physical – whilst others may go beyond words entirely.



1. Opening of The Third Eye


 One of the first signs of spiritual awakening is the opening of The Third Eye. This is a major energy centre located in the pineal gland in the brain, midway between to the two eyebrows. As it opens, during meditation or other energetic practises, it will be felt as a tingling sensation in the area described above. The pressure can be either gentle or strong, depending on the intensity of the energy flowing through you. Once this chakra is stimulated, it means you are ready to experience inner visions, and able to hone the psychic powers, which will allow you to glimpse the realms beyond.


2. Inner Visions


Most people only see darkness when they close their eyes, except for when they are dreaming or hallucinating. But once you spiritually awaken, and your Third Eye opens, this will radically change. The visions people see usually tend to follow a set pattern. At first, you may just see colours and lights when you meditate. It can be useful to pay attention to these colours, as they usually relate to particular energies and elements, and can tell you a lot about your physical and emotional well-being. As you progress, these lights will begin to take on forms, turning into geometric patterns. These patterns will increase in complexity, until they transform into specific beings, objects, or worlds. Train hard enough, and you will be able to reach higher dimensions.


3. Going Beyond Your Body


Many of us are imprisoned by our senses, and tend to think of them as being the very limits of our perception. But those who spiritually awaken know this is not the case. When you meditate, and become suffused in primal energy, your awareness will go beyond your body, and extend into the spaces and environment around you. This is because the idea that anything is separate from anything else in an illusion. There is no such thing as a single, separate, atomic particle; rather, all atoms and life forms are merged together in what some physicists have referred to as a ‘Quantum Soup.’ You are merely becoming conscious of this reality as your spiritual senses awaken.


4. Increased Intuition


One of the great psychic atrocities of our modern age is the way we have been conditioned to function almost robotically. The spontaneity of the human spirit is suppressed, replaced with schedules and deadlines. But as you spiritually awaken, you will experience a resurgence of Intuition. Your actions will no longer be the laboured result of analysis and rational thought, but will emerge naturally from you, with little thought or effort. You will do things, not because you think you have to do them, but because you know it is the right thing to do. This may mystify and surprise others. But you will be more in touch with reality, and increasingly find yourself in the right place at the right time.


5. Synchronicity


The name for this phenomenon is ‘Synchronicity,’ coined by the eminent psychologist and mystic, Carl G. Jung. It refers to two apparently unrelated incidences occurring at more or less the same time. Some time they can be small things, like having a song stuck in your head, only to hear it playing on the radio. Or they can be larger events, like quitting your job, only to be offered a new one almost immediately. These occurrences of Synchronicity are signs that you are doing the right thing, and in harmony with the universe; a good indication that your actions are not being governed by selfish desires, but are aligned with the immortal spirit of heaven.


6. Déjà Vu


A phenomenon closely related to this one is ‘Déjà Vu.’ It is a sensation very little understood, and refers to a very specific feeling, that cannot be mistaken for anything else. In short, it is not just the sensation, but the absolute knowing that you have been or seen the exact situation you are in before. There are a few reasons to experience this. Those with developed psychic powers, who commonly see the future in visions or dreams, may be able to trace this sensation back to times when they had actually seen that situation in a trance state. But, for those of you who are not yet able to do this, you may take this as a positive sign that you are living your life in tune with your destiny. Before we come into this world, we plan our lives. This is merely a sign that you are doing a swell job of sticking to that plan!


7. Increased Psychic Powers


We are all born with powerful psychic senses. Most aboriginal or tribal societies have rituals specifically set in place to help their children become attuned to their psychic powers. In the modern world, we do the opposite: gradually discouraging imagination, and giving no validity to the powers of the spirit. Those who spiritually awaken will experience them regardless. You may have:


  • Visions of the future

  • Know what someone will say before they say it

  • Have knowledge of future events

  • Know what other people are thinking

  • And much, much more!


  8. The Ability to Harmonize and Adapt to All Things


As your intuitive and psychic strength increases, you will find it easier and easier to directly tie in your consciousness with those of others. One of the reasons there is so much conflict and disharmony in the world is because people are out of touch with each other, themselves, and the universe. People do not understand what other people are thinking and feeling, and are so caught up in their own feverish thought processes, that they have no idea what they are thinking or feeling either! But once you are able to cultivate emptiness, and achieve silence and peace within, you will be able to sense the thoughts and feelings of others, and yourself, as easily as if you were looking at fish in an aquarium. This makes it easier to unite with others, and respond to their thoughts and desires.


9. Inner Peace and Stillness


One of the best things about realizing spiritual awakening is the inner calm and ease we can now experience. We are born with monkey minds, that chatter, chatter, chatter! This chatter, or cognitive ‘white noise,’ is the source of so much of our suffering, sending us on wild goose chases, making us think about things we should not think about, and want things we do not want. So, when we are able to turn it off, there is finally enough room for peace to take up residence. It is difficult paint over an existing painting; likewise, one cannot think with a head full of thoughts. Having a clear, empty, and peaceful head makes the mind your best friend instead of your enemy – a joy to use and direct.


10. Disillusionment and Depression


Although the spiritually awakened are much happier and more self-controlled than your average person, when they first realize the illusory nature of existence, there is invariably a period of depression that follows. Becoming spiritual is largely a matter of letting go. We let go of our bad habits, our acquired conditioning, and the views and opinions – (not to mention our notions of ‘self’) – which we have clung to so dearly. We are all addicted to illusion, so naturally, when we give it up, there are going to be withdrawal symptoms. When I first had an enlightenment experience, after my initial excitement and ecstasy had faded, I entered a period of depression. This world seemed so dull and painful compared to the magic realms beyond – why should I go on living in it? But once you realize that Illusion and Truth are the same thing, and make enlightenment the basis of your existence, then this sorrow will fade. A Zen proverb says:


Before enlightenment, mountains and rivers are just mountains and rivers

During enlightenment, mountains and river are not mountains and rivers

After enlightenment, mountains and rivers are mountains and rivers again


   11. Opening of the Crown Chakra


One of the greatest joys, and penultimate signs, of spiritual awakening, is when the Crown Chakra opens. This energy centre is located roughly on the centre of the top of the head, around the region of the crown fontanel. When this chakra becomes activated it is a mind-blowing experience – literally! It will feel like your head is being opened up, and all the content of the universe are being poured inside. You may lose awareness of your physical body completely, and feel as though you are becoming one with everything: just another portion of energy in an endless ocean of energy.  This is one of the crowning moments of spiritual awakening. But even that is just beginning. From then on, infinity will be your play pen.


  • Rahul Nair

    Veronica opening your third eye will make you open to receive both that is positive and negative depends how good your vibration is so that you arrive be affected by bad vibes,spirits and demons and you can always seek help from Guardian angels, spirit guides and other ancestors to help you in any situation.

  • Veronica Hunter

    Someone told me opening your 3rd eye is bad they told me after they opened theirs they started having nightmares and bad things start to occur how do you avoid having those feelings??

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