Summer Wellness Crystal Bundle - Soul Charms

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Summer Wellness Crystal Bundle

Enjoy all the benefits summer has to offer with our limited time Summer Wellness Crystal Bundle! The crystals in the bundle were specifically chosen to give you the best energy possible in accordance with the months of Summer. Here's what you'll be getting in the bundle:

  • Turquoise Crystal Angel - For the month of June
  • Red Aventurine Crystal Ball (40mm) - For the month of July
  • Tiger Eye Flora Embroidered Pendant Necklace - For the month of August
  • Bonus - Clear Quartz Pendant - To maximize the potential of all the other crystals

Normally these items would result in a final price of $80.00. However in this bundle, you'll be getting them at a hugely discounted rate of $47.00!

This bundle will be taken off our store sometime later tonight. Get it while it's still available!

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