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Special Edition Winter Crystal Kit

Get this Special Edition Winter Crystal Kit for FREE with purchase of $99 or more!

This Special Edition Winter Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1x Cherry Quartz Angel
  • 1x Clear Quartz Crystal Ball (30mm)
  • 1x Indian Agate Mala with 108 beads
  • All items above comes FREE (while supplies last) for orders of $99 or more. End Code: WINTERKIT at checkout.  Offer Ends Saturday December 21st, 2019. 

Why these stones are great for this time of year?

Cherry quartz is great for stimulating the heart center and can help with colds and flu which happens often this time of year with the changing weather and cooler air.

As we get closer to the beginning of the new year, we all have that split second thought where we reflect on the year and wondered if we’ve done enough and think about the things on our bucket list that we wish we could someday accomplish… well, Indian agate has long been used by sages to give them courage to conquer their greatness. Indian Agate is not only a great meditation tool but will give you the confidence and emotional security to slay the day and be the creator of your dream life. Definitely a stone I like to have around as I think about my new year’s resolution and what goals I want to accomplish.

Clear quartz is a classic that all of us working with crystals should have. It is the most powerful healing stone and amplifies the energies of other crystals as well as your intention, which helps you manifest your desires into reality. This is a must when working with the law of attraction.

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