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White Opalite Crystal Skull Bracelet

In Tibetan and Buddhist culture, skulls symbolize the transitioning of one life to another. They represent the optimism of change rather than the sadness of loss. In India, ancient gods and goddesses are often depicted with skull necklaces and bracelets, which represent the embracing of progression and transition. This Skull Bracelet is paired with healing crystals and made with the intention to help the wearer accept and embrace change and transformation. If we learn to accept this rather than fear and resist it, we often find our true potential is far greater than what we imagined.    

Our Gemstone Bracelets are made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine and then attaching them to a durable elastic cord. The perfect bracelet to hold when you are feeling worried or anxious, our Gemstone Bracelets are made with your energy in mind.

  • Genuine gemstone beads are 8mm in diameter
  • Available in 3 Sizes: 6" (20 beads + skull charm) , 6.5" (22 beads + skull charm), 7" (24 beads + skull charm)
  • Stretch bracelets are approximately 19cm long

Opalite Meaning and Benefits:

The Opalite is a beautiful stone. It is typically milky white or clear and iridescent with various shades of blue and sometimes yellow. The beauty of this iridescent stone cannot be fully captured in pictures, but instead when you hold it out in sunlight. There is a mystical glow and shine to this crystal that is very awe-inspiring and definitely will catch one’s attention. 

A stone of protection, White Opalite is a marvelous shield to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies. White Opalite resonates with the energy of the Mother Goddess and is an exceptional gift for mothers or mothers-to-be. White Opalite is a wonderfully supportive stone, dedicated to healing and strengthening the emotional body for those willing to look honestly into their true self. White Opalite's high internal energy brings thoughts and feelings to the surface for examination, and reveals what one’s emotional state has been in the past or in previous lives.

The meaning of Opalite can be summarized in these top benefits:

  1. Opalite allows for smoother communication and open expression with yourself and with others.
  2. Working with Opalite will heighten your imagination and allow you to tap into your innate creative side.
  3. Opalite works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and consequently can enhance one’s psychic abilities, insight, and intuition.

Opalite Association:

Chakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac: Cancer

Healing PropertiesCommunication and Clarity; Creativity and Inspiration; Intuition and Psychic Power

Opalite and Zodiac Connection:

Opalite is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer.

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer will benefit the most from Opalite healing properties. Opalite’s attributes can help Cancer signs align their spiritual, physical, and mental energies. What’s more, if you’re born under Cancer, you’ll benefit greatly from Opalite’s calming and energizing abilities.

Opalite and Chakra Connection:

Opalite is considered a Crown and Third Eye Chakra stone. 

Third Eye Chakra is the energy center concerned with witnessing and discerning truth. As the “Seat of the Soul”, it is where all impulses, emotions and experiences produced by other chakras are given meaning. An open Third Eye allows you to observe life from an enlightened perspective. You will quickly see the truth and greater meaning in every experience. You will transcend dualities and your inherent psychic abilities will be activated. When your Third Eye is blocked, it becomes hard to separate truth from illusion. You become close-minded, paranoid and deaf to guidance from higher consciousness.

Set at the top of the chakra ladder, the Crown Chakra connects us to the universe and the divine source of creation. It is sahasrāra in Sanskrit, which means “a thousand petals.” Its key characteristics include awareness, unity, serenity, bliss, and enlightenment. But in essence, the seventh chakra focuses on being humanitarian, observing ethics, and sticking to our values. The Crown Chakra will also help you understand your inner self better. In addition, this higher chakra enhances your visions and psychic powers and helps you communicate more effectively. The Crown Chakra gives us wisdom and self-awareness, helping us realize that everything in the world is connected at a fundamental level. It also helps us let go of things that don’t serve us. As a result, we feel so much better knowing that things will work out for us. The seventh chakra is associated with pure light and uses the mantra “I know.” 

Opalite Healing Properties by Intentions:

  1. Communication and Clarity — Opalite is known to increase and enhance communication abilities between people on all levels. This means that both the earthly and spiritual realms can communicate effectively. Opalite removes chakras and meridian blockages that are preventing the flow of positive energy. When you are in difficulty or at crossroads in your life, Opalite helps you gain clarity. Opalite spurs persistence and gives you the strength to make verbal your hidden feelings. Combined with other yellow or orange stones (connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra) will help to rid your thoughts of self-limiting beliefs.
  1. Creativity and Inspiration — Opalite is a stone of creativity and inspiration. Its healing energy will bring to your mind innovative ideas to tackle tasks and projects at hand. Working with Opalite will heighten your imagination and allow you to tap into your innate creative side that you may not be aware that you have had all along. That creativity is like your inner child that has been dormant over years of negative programming. Opalite serves as the key to free the spontaneous, creative, and artistic child in you. Let Opalite inspire you to look at life through a different lens than the one you’ve been programmed to wear.
  1. Intuition and Psychic Power — It has been said that when the Opalite is placed over the Crown Chakra, it enhances psychic energy. This helps individuals to have a more meaningful experience, visions, and increased psychic abilities. Opalite picks up feelings and thoughts buried deep within the mind and brings them forward to your awareness. This crystal is also responsible for increased intuition needed for good fortune in new business ventures. Doing psychic communication with the spiritual realm, Opalite helps you receive messages and interpret them. Work with Opalite to heighten your intuition and your connection to the Higher Self. The connection to your Higher Self will provide you with the answers to all of life’s questions.

How to Use Opalite Crystals:

  1. Wear Opalite – Wearing Opalite jewelry in the forms of necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings is a great way to stay connected to the stone’s energy consistently all day.
  1. Carry Opalite – Carrying Opalite in your wallet, purse, or pocket is also a great way to keep the stone’s energy handy for when you need a moment to center yourself. When you have it in arm’s reach, you can hold on to it for a quick moment, breathe deep and allow yourself to quiet the mind so that you open yourself up to the creative energy flow from the Universe.
  1. Place Opalite Near Your Space – Depending on the intention you’re working towards, place Opalite in the appropriate environment in your home, office, and bedroom. If your intention is to enhance communication with people at work, it would be shrewd to place Opalite crystals on your office desk where you conduct your work and business dealings. If you are wanting to develop your intuition, you can meditate with Opalite under your pillow or on your forehead when you lay down to rest.
  1. Opalite Meditation – You can meditate with the crystal of your choice in any shapes and forms (crystal skulls, crystal wands, crystal unicorns, tumbled stone, or even a piece of crystal jewelry). When meditating recite in your mind (or out loud) a mantra or affirmation that resonates with what you want to achieve. Consistent positive self-talk creates a vortex of energy that is further amplified by the energy of the crystal.
  1. Opalite Crystal Grid – Find the intention that most resonates with what you want. Click on that Intention Collection, combine Opalite with other crystals relevant to that particular intention and create a crystal grid. Placing your crystals in certain geometric patterns (the flower of life pattern is the most common one) will enhance the crystals’ vibrations, transform the energy of your space, and speed up the manifestation of your intention.

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