Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull (3")

In Tibetan and Buddhist culture, skulls symbolize the transitioning of one life to another. They represent the optimism of change rather than the sadness of loss. All of our crystal skulls are carved by skilled Himalayan craftsmen, and are energetically charged in our garden before orders are placed. Whether you intend to use them for spiritual and healing purposes or just as an adorned ornament around the house, we are sure you will love our crystal skulls.

Ocean Jasper is a calming, relaxing stone that benefits one in all areas of their physical & mental well-being. Mainly being a calming stone, Ocean Jasper is excellent to meditate with or hold after a stressful day at work or an argument with a loved one. Drawing it's energy from the peaceful waves of the ocean, it's energy is great at soothing the mind & putting worries and anxieties at ease.

  • Skull is approximately 3"

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