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Magic & Spirituality Healing Crystal Kit

Our Magic & Spirituality Healing Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1x Llanite Unicorn Carving
  • 1x Red Tiger Eye Mala
  • 1x White Turquoise Crystal Skull (1.5")
  • 1x Clear Quartz Crystal Ball (40mm)
  • 1x Red Sandstone Crystal Angel
  • All items above come in 1 branded Soul Charms Box (great for gifting!)

All items shipped together in same package

If you’re looking to boost psychic powers, communicate with other worldly beings, or simply become more aligned with your spiritual side, this is the healing kit for you. The combined power of these stones make it easier to access realms beyond the physical.

Llanite helps amplify our mental and psychic abilities. It makes us more receptive to messages from higher planes.

Red tiger’s eye clarifies vision and balances etheric energy such that we better understand the psychic visions we receive in meditation.  

Crystal quartz is often used in telecommunications and information transfer. In the same way, it can help us send and receive messages from the divine.

Red sandstone shows one’s direction and purpose. It is a stone of enlightenment that helps one see clearer the spiritual meaning behind all things.

Our Healing Crystal Kits are a great way to take full advantage of all of the benefits that crystals have to offer. With a different kit for each of the 8 crystal healing categories, we are sure that you will find one that speaks to you. Each one of our Healing Crystal Kits offers a great discount when compared to buying each item individually. Take advantage of the power of healing crystals today!

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