7-Piece Chakra Dreamcatcher | Rainbow Handmade Native American Feather & Beads 3” Diameter Hoop Dreamcatcher - Soul Charms

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7 Piece Chakra Dreamcatcher

This 7 Piece Chakra Dreamcatcher is an absolutely beautiful dreamcatcher that you can add to any home. Having 7 hoops all representing the chakras or human energy centers, this dreamcatcher will not only prevent negative and unwanted dreams, but it will also balance your energy in your sleep. A marvelous piece as home decor and a great spiritual tool as well, this dreamcatcher is sure to brighten up your home!

Dreamcatchers were traditionally used by Native Americans as a way of warding off evil spirits and bad dreams. The spiderweb-like weaving between the hoops is said to "catch" the negative energy, allowing only positive energy to flow through. Regardless of whether you are shopping for Dreamcatchers to use as a spiritual tool or simply as a beautiful addition to your home, we are sure you will love our Dreamcatchers! All of our Dreamcatchers are handmade using natural, eco-friendly materials by artists in Tibet, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Dreamcatcher measures 3" x 20"

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