Copper Meditation Pyramid | Nubian 3 Feet Portable Orgone Energy - Soul Charms

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Copper Nubian Meditation Pyramid 3 Feet Portable

Nubian pyramid acts as a powerful tool for meditation so that one can achieve deep meditative states very fast. It accelerates  the process of healing  and self realization  on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels. Meditating inside the Nubian pyramid brings the life path in sync with divine guidance and gives us faith in that guidance. The energy from a Nubian sloped pryamid is much more intense than a Giza slope pyramid. 

A Copper Meditation Pyramid is best for beginners who have a hard time concentrating and staying focus during their meditation. Copper is a great energy conductor and this pyramid unit acts as a cosmic energy generator.  

After a short period of time meditating under the Copper Nubian Pyramid you may experience these benefits:
• Lowering your blood pleasure
• Have more energy
• Detoxifying your blood
• Feel healthier
• Reduce stress
• Find inner peace
• Removes negative thoughts and toxins
• Feel more relaxed and calm
• Brings you self and soul awareness
• Transforms anger to compassion
• Gives you better focus and concentration
• Creates harmony with all living being
• Have clarity of mind
• Become non-violent and peaceful
• Transcends ego to politeness
• Feel balanced

Pyramid Features:

  • Foldable, Light weight Copper 
  • Carrying PVC pipe with end caps
  • 3 Feet Base
  • Height is 50 Inches
  • Can be easily carried
  • Copper pipes are made up of 1/2 inch pipes held with top corner connector with hook to hold 1.2 inch orgonite sphere which can be placed in the apex connectors.
  • This pyramid can be assembled and disassembled within seconds without any additional tools.
  • This complete pyramid set will be sent in 5 feet long 3.5 inch PVC pipe with end caps 
  • Must be shipped to an address that is NOT a PO BOX due to the size of the package. 

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