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Clear Quartz Feng Shui Gemstone Tree

Invite positivity, love, and light into your life with our beautiful Feng Shui Gemstone Tree! Made of crystals, wood, and metal, each Gemstone Tree is meticulously handmade. The crystal chips are intricately hand-woven into the shape of the leaves on a tree. Guaranteed to bring radiance, light, and positive energy to any room. 

The visual of a Feng Shui Gemstone Tree demonstrates how you manifest a thought into physical reality. To grow a tree, you must first plant the seed and water your plant regularly and consistently. Just like how a tree grows you must plant the seed of your intention clearly and everyday focus upon that intention. Over time, you get more and more of what you focus on. What you manifest comes into fruition and abundance - like leaves on a tree, there are too many crystals to count them all!   

Top Benefits of Clear Quartz:

As a clear and colorless crystal, Clear Quartz may appear less interesting than stronger-hued gems, but let me tell you: this stone must not be underestimated. Clear Quartz actually reflects color like no other, and when put in direct sunlight, it transforms from a modest-looking gem to a luminous rainbow. 

1. Bestowed with names such as “Master Healer,” “Master Cleanser,” and “Master Harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties.

2. Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying thoughts and energy. Thus, it’s an unbeatable tool if you want to enhance the effects and power of other crystals. 

3. Clear Quartz helps troubled people open their minds and hearts for receiving higher guidance during difficult times.

4. As a Master Healer, Clear Quartz can be used to dispel negativity, shield against bad vibes from energy vampires, and cleanse other stones.

5. When it comes to manifestation, it's a common practice to program Clear Quartz with your thoughts and intentions as this Master Harmonizer can amplify your intentions and further broadcast that into the vibrations of the loving Universe.  

If there are just 3 words I can use to describe Clear Quartz it would be: Alignment - Programmability - Amplification 

    • Base Size: 1.25 -1.5 Inches in Width (This is the width of the wooden trunk on which the Crystal Gemstone Tree sits on) 
    • Height Size: Approx. 4.5 Inches (These are handmade so actual size may vary slightly). 
    • This item ships from the USA

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