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Black Obsidian Crystal Wand

Crystal Wand Specification:

  • Crystal wand height is approximately 3.3-3.9 inches (85-100mm)

Black Obsidian Healing Properties and Meanings:

Top Benefits of Black Obsidian:

1. Black Obsidian cleanses your aura of negative smog, energy vampires, and acts as a strong psychic protection. Controlling your psychic activities leads to protection of your soul. Helps you break ties with negative people.

2. Black Obsidian also helps release anger, fear, anxiety, and depression.

3. Directs you to find and eliminate negative thoughts due to past trauma, helps you realize the truth, which then opens you up to accepting positive energy of love and light.

Black Obsidian Association:

Chakras: Root Chakra

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio

Healing PropertiesRemoves NegativityProtection and Spiritual GroundingRemoves Fear, Insecurity, and WorryGrief and BereavementAnger & Forgiveness

Black Obsidian and Zodiac Connection:

Generally, Obsidian is closely associated with astrological signs: Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Sagittarians are mostly travelers as they tend to explore more and don’t feel like they fit in with society’s mold. They are perfectly true and optimistic and expect the same from others. You cannot find lies with them. So, they may tend to hurt other’s feelings, but at the core, they are truthful and open. Hence Black Obsidian, which is also known as “Warrior of Truth,” well suits people with this sign.

Scorpio people can be too emotional, and hence they are often in need of Obsidian to get them relieved from negative emotional vibrations and cleanse their aura. Black Obsidian can help people born under the Scorpio Zodiac to reduce their mental stress, tension, anger, and mood shifts. Remember to recharge it often to keep it powerful and continuously effective.

Black Obsidian and Chakra Connection:

Black Obsidian is a Root Chakra stone. 

The Root Chakra is where you connect with the earth and the energy of existence in the corporeal world. A stable and balanced Root Chakra means you constantly feel grounded, secure, and safe in your existence. It also means that you have confidence in what the earth and the universe provide you. You are in touch with reality if you have a well-balanced Root Chakra.

Common symptoms of an imbalanced Root Chakra are: poor focus, negative thinking, disorganization, lack of zest for life, depression, anger and frustration with the world, and lack of gratitude. If you regularly have thoughts of fear, lack, self-doubt, or other limiting self-beliefs, these are all signs of a blocked Root Chakra. 

Black Obsidian Healing Properties by Intentions:

  1. Fear, Insecurity, Worry / Removing Negativity – Like many black stones, Black Obsidian can release some long-term issues you may have since childhood. Those issues might involve intensely negative emotions like grief, anxiety, fear, and anger. Those issues might even involve guilt, shame, and resentment of yourself and close family members. Once you have a clear understanding of where your negative emotions and thoughts stem from, you have the choice to replace it with a different set of beliefs about your reality. When you have removed negativity, your mind opens up to possibilities, opportunities, and creativity. Removing negative beliefs is the 1st step in working with the Law of Attraction. The abundance mentality flows out only after you have achieved a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.
  1. Protection & Spiritual Grounding - Black Obsidian offers spiritual protection, especially from negative vibrations and generally people, events, places, and things that can drain your energy and cause you anxiety. Black Obsidian is popularly worn as a talisman to ward off energy vampires. This crystal can also block the negativity from attaching onto you through the “Debbie Downers” in your workplace or home that you cannot avoid being in contact with.
  1. Grief & Bereavement – Dealing with a loss is always difficult. However, Black Obsidian helps you introspectively look within yourself and direct you to answers on how to handle a stressful situation more calmly. Black Obsidian gives you mental clarity and a clear path to go forward. You are able to let go. Although life will not be the same, there is always an abundance of possibilities to find happiness beyond your comfort zone.
  1. Anger & Forgiveness – Black Obsidian is a great stone for self-reflection and self-awareness. Meditate with Black Obsidian to truly understand the root cause of your anger. Was it due to an unrelated past trauma that triggered your rage? Understanding why we feel angry and frustrated many times will lead us to understand it is ourselves we are mad at rather than the person we argued with. This deeper understanding allows us to make a choice to change our flawed perception of reality and opens the door to forgiveness of oneself and others.

What Are Crystal Wands for?

For thousands of years, crystal wands have been used by many faiths for many different purposes. They assist in spiritual and emotional healing, balancing of the chakras, and bridging the gap between the spirit realm and the earthly realm.

All of our crystal wands are made from 100% genuine raw-cut crystals. They are stored in our lovely garden where they are energetically charged, and all of them receive a positive intention prayer before they are shipped out.

 How to Use Crystal Wands?

Crystal wands have the ability to focus and direct energy through their pointed tip. Crystal wands are also sometimes called crystal towers or crystal energy generators. The shape of a tower represents protection, power, and strength. Hence using a crystal wand is a great way to absorb negative energy and release what is no longer serving you. In this way, you are able to fill up that void with love and light, providing your auric field the protection and strength it needs. 

As it is also an energy generator, you can use a crystal wand to further amplify your good intentions. The best way to do this is to use it as part of a crystal grid. A crystal grid will transform the energy in your space. The geometry of the crystal grid enhances the crystal's vibrations and your intention, helping you manifest whatever it is you intend. This technique is most effective when you select a crystal wand whose healing properties most aligns with your intention. 

Crystal wands are also popularly used by shamans and healers to release stuck energy that manifested in physical pain in certain areas of our body. You can do this exercise by holding the crystal wand over the affected area (does not have to be touching your body) with the pointed side pointing away from the area you would like healed. Move the wand in a counter-clockwise direction as if you are drawing a spiral to reel out the bad energy. At the same time, visualize the crystal "hooking" out of your body and releasing it out of the pointed tip any negative emotions you feel – fear, doubt, shame, guilt, envy, hate, anxiety, depression, and anger.

Allow time for this energy to release and for you to feel grounded. Fill that space in the same area of your body with love and light by envisioning golden light and warmth fill you up inside.  You may recite an affirmation, loving thoughts, a prayer, or whatever feels good for you.

If in doing this exercise, you find yourself crying, that's a very good sign you're doing it right. That is your body releasing the pain and dead-weight emotions its been carrying around all these years.

You'll notice the more you do this exercise, the more you'll feel "lifted". Suddenly you have the urge and self-confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you and still come out victorious. 

Crystal wands can also be used for feng shui purposes. You can place a crystal wand or tower in areas of your home that have dense or low-vibration energy. The crystal wand will do the heavy lifting to purify and breath grounding and secure energy in your environment. Make sure to cleanse you crystal regularly if your environment has a lot of emotional "baggage". 

Tip: Placing a crystal wand by your computer or electronic devices is a good idea to absorb their harmful electromagnetic energy. 

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