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    Newcomers to the world of crystals are often surprised with how incredibly versatile crystal pendulums can be. They are used for a wide variety of metaphysical and spiritual applications. But for the most part, they are used to communicate with spirit guides in the face of tough decisions. That way, crystal pendulums serve as an invaluable ally during your toughest times.more...less...

    Historically, crystal pendulum dowsing had been employed to locate important resources such as gold, water, gems, and other valuable items. Doctors from certain parts of the world also used pendulums to predict the gender of unborn babies.

    These days, pendulums are widely used to answer almost any question that is answerable by either a yes or a no. Whether you have doubts about your future (“Will I be able to marry?”) or are looking for advice during situations of uncertainty (“Should I move to another company?”), a crystal pendulum will help you get an answer.

    Crystal pendulums can also help you attain spiritual and emotional healing. Crystal pendulum chakra balancing is a popular practice, too. What’s more, they’re useful for dispelling negativity in a room and cleansing your energy.

    But first, what exactly is a pendulum?
    Crystal pendulums come in different shapes and sizes. There is not one single way to correctly make them. Any small weight on a chain or a string is a pendulum.

    But, of course, when it comes to crystal pendulums, the quality of stones is important. This is why Soul Charms NYC only uses authentic Tibetan gemstones of the highest grade. Our crystal pendulums are also handmade by skilled Himalayan craftsmen. This way, you can be assured that you’re getting crystals that are on par with your excellent standards.

    How do crystal pendulums work?
    A pendulum reacts to your subconscious. As long as you’re holding your pendulum properly, it will be able to attune itself to very minuscule nerve reactions in your hands. These reactions, which are fueled and generated by your subconscious, enable the crystal pendulum to dig deep within your mind to give you the answers you’re looking for.

    This also means that you can use a crystal pendulum to enrich your insight about your life. You will be able to understand better how you really feel. It will also help you figure out what you really want and desire in life. You can even use your pendulum for everyday challenges like finding lost items.

    Exploring different crystal pendulums
    If you’re looking for a crystal pendulum for sale, we’re pleased to offer you a wide array of different varieties that will suit every need. The crystal you choose will greatly influence the effects and benefits that you’ll get from your pendulum, so think about what you intend to accomplish with this tool.

    Getting an aventurine crystal pendulum will benefit your imagination, creativity, and intellect. Aventurine also brings in professional success and prosperity, so keep that in mind if you need help in that arena. A white opalite pendulum, meanwhile, acts as a stone of protection that protects you from other people’s negative energies and thoughts. 

    If you decide to get a turquoise crystal pendulum, you will be able to harness its mood-balancing and spirit-lifting power. Turquoise helps relieve stress and promotes better communication between the spiritual and physical worlds, as well.