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Yellow Aventurine Feng Shui Gemstone Tree

Invite positivity, love, and light into your life with our beautiful Feng Shui Gemstone Tree! Made of crystals, wood, and metal, each Gemstone Tree is meticulously handmade. The crystal chips are intricately hand-woven into the shape of the leaves on a tree. Guaranteed to bring radiance, light, and positive energy to any room. 

The visual of a Feng Shui Gemstone Tree demonstrates how you manifest a thought into physical reality. To grow a tree, you must first plant the seed and water your plant regularly and consistently. Just like how a tree grows you must plant the seed of your intention clearly and everyday focus upon that intention. Over time, you get more and more of what you focus on. What you manifest comes into fruition and abundance - like leaves on a tree, there are too many crystals to count them all!   

Yellow Aventurine stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is the energy center associated with the ego. It is the source of self-worth, self-confidence, and personal power

Yellow Aventurine will help you muster the courage to do something that scares you. Often times, our greatest potential is on the other edge of our fears. If you have a hard time saying no and speaking up for yourself, let Yellow Aventurine enhance your personal power and feeling of worthiness. Life is about self-mastery. That means mastering of your thoughts and emotions, exerting willpower and self-control so that you are not distracted from your true destiny. In this modern day of constant distraction, we all need a little boost to light our Solar Plexus Chakra on fire! 

Benefits of Yellow Aventurine and Unblocking Your Solar Plexus Chakra:

  1. Remove self-limiting thoughts about yourself
  2. Overcome feelings of criticism and rejection
  3. Remove feelings of inadequacy or need to overcompensate due to insecurity
  4. Remove self-victimization or feelings of "poor me". 
  5. Raise your ambition, confidence, knowing you are worthy and not letting yourself settle for less than you truly deserve
  6. Help to on leadership roles with confidence
  • Base Size: 1.25 -1.5 Inches in Width (This is the width of the wooden trunk on which the Crystal Gemstone Tree sits on) 
  • Height Size: Approx. 4.5 Inches (These are handmade so actual size may vary slightly). 
  • This item ships from the USA

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