Crystal Energy Generators

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    A crystal energy generator is a tool that amplifies the healing power of multiple stones to help manifest your intention quicker and more effectively. It combines the energy of different crystals with the power of sacred geometry in one handy object. A crystal energy generator is a great addition to a experienced crystallographer’s collection, and also serves as a good starting point for those just starting their journey in crystal healing.more...less...

    How do crystal energy generators work
    A crystal energy generator is comprised of either four or six tube-shaped crystals arranged in circle, with a bigger, usually pyramid-shaped crystal at its center. These are fastened to each other through a solid metal structure to hold them in place. The crystals in the outer rings are called wands or leg crystals, while the one in the middle is called the heart or center crystal.

    If you’ve ever made a crystal grid using tumble stones and a central stone, crystal energy generators work the same way—they harness the power of the individual leg crystals, connect them through the principles of sacred geometry, and use the heart crystal to combine and amplify them. The difference is that a generator is ready-made and easier to carry around because the structure is made permanent with the metal fixture, whereas a crystal grid requires set-up and must remain on a table-top or flat surface to keep the arrangement in place.

    Benefits of a crystal energy generator
    As crystallographers say, “Two (or more) crystals are better than one.” This is one reason why crystal energy generators are better than single tumble stones. Each crystal brings its own unique healing power into the mix, which makes the cumulative energy far surpass that of an individual stone. 

    Sacred geometry is permanently figured into a crystal energy generator because of its metal frame. Four- and six-point stars are common because they have a special significance to crystal healing. 

    These ready-made objects have been specially designed by experienced crystallographers. The choice of wand crystals and heart crystal is not just random, but carefully thought-out based on not just on extensive research and the instinct borne of years of working with crystals. The final product is a showcase of mastery and strategy—and is quite beautiful to behold.

    How to use a crystal energy generator
    Crystal energy generators help increase clarity and vision to those who use it for meditation. Many report a significant difference in using individual stones and crystal energy generators in terms of spiritual power. 

    You may also use it to manifest intentions. Simply summarize your intention in a single sentence that is now called an affirmation. Repeat it gently as you touch the generator. You can close your eyes and imagine the glow of the crystals pulsating, gathering together, and fixating at the heart crystal. Doing these for a few minutes everyday will help manifest your intention.

    Chakra healing can also be done through a generator. Place the generator for a few minutes at each chakra point, and allow yourself to see the energy being transferred and redirected each time.