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    Healing Properties of Agate Jewelry, Bracelets, Crystal Skulls, and Pyramid Energy Generator

    Agate is one of the most desired protective gems on Earth. It has supportive energy and indescribable beauty that makes it a favorite crystal for healing. The dreamy quality with signature bands of mineral deposits layered in perfect circles around its circumference is the stone's trademark appearance. It is also available in different colors that give it amazingly powerful grounding capabilities. You can have it in white, yellow, purple, pink, black, red, brown, and grey. Read More...less...

    The stone connects you with the gentle vibrations of the Earth, which makes it an excellent start for your crystal collection. Its mellow vibrations and steady rhythm bring a sense of peace and support when you need stability and grounding. It helps boost your sense of balance so you can move through life with ease and grace. Overall, the healing properties of Agate crystals recalibrate and realign you by bringing harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

    Healing Properties of Agate
    Agate is a cooling stone used to help calm your pulse and ensure overall good health. It protects you against danger and helps you see the world from a broader perspective and with more clarity. It also brings positive energy into your life cultivating the feelings of peace, calmness, and acceptance without any difficulty. Moreover, you may use the crystal to strengthen your body, improve your relationships, and protect your wealth.

    What does Agate do spiritually?
    Agate promotes the consideration of your place in the universe by helping you discover your true spiritual purpose. It helps improve your concertation during prayer and focuses your mind on the true desires of your heart. The stone reminds you that all your experiences are part of a divine plan. In general, it encourages you to contemplate your life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.  

    Types of Agates
    In addition to the general healing properties of the crystal, Agate has specific colors and types that possess additional attributes. These different swirls of color bands have different meanings and properties. 

    • Black Agate
      Black Agate is a grounding and protecting crystal. It provides you with the inner strength to move on, the courage to face your problems, and stability to keep your body in balance. It also helps clear emotional pain and gives calming peace in times of grief. Moreover, it keeps you steady when faced with practical decision-making.

    • Crazy Lace Agate
      Crazy Lace Agate, known as the laughter stone, is an excellent stone to balance the senses. It promotes laughter and happiness inside your home or office. It also assists with phobias, increases your self-esteem, and absorbs emotional pain. Its graceful design creates a circular flow of energy that stimulates the mind.  

    • Grey Agate
      Grey Agate is a grounding crystal that brings about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. It provides strength and facilitates acceptance of one’s self. It also improves your concentration, encourages quiet contemplation, and overcomes negativity. The stone features multiple layers that bring hidden information to light.

    • Indian Agate
      Indian Agate, also known as the stone of eternity, transmits serenity and patience. It is an anti-stress crystal that carries peace and tranquility. In India, many believe it can heal eye diseases. In Egypt, they consider it effective against insect bites. The crystal also possesses healing energies and powers to ward off evil spirits and misfortune.    
    What is a pyramid energy generator?
    A pyramid energy generator is a powerful handmade tool that magnifies the energy through its tip and radiates it on all sides through the crystal points. It helps remove negative energies and blockages from the chakras. Depending on the type of agate you use, the pyramid energy generator also offers general healing, relaxation, and protection.